Saturday, March 27, 2010

Too Much Winter!

Here's hoping this is the last wintery post... it is spring, for goodness sakes!

This photo is actually from February. Snow up on Beaver Mountain that Talon and I saw everyday coming home from school. Took quite a few days for it to melt.

Winter decided to throw a huge party on the first day of spring. Can you believe it? We were stuck in a hotel down in Durant, Ok. Friends said do not come home due to snowpacked roads and 3-4 foot drifts.

It melted very fast, though. We barely had time to build Mr. Pitiful when we arrived home on Monday. With all the snow this winter, this was the first snow that would pack and roll. Talon loved it... especially throwing snowballs.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wanda's Premier Jewelry Party!

Wanda hosted a jewelry party after school. Aren't the invites cute?

Delicious refreshments! Talon raved about Wanda's punch for hours. So tasty! Since my evil kidney stone, I have only been drinking water but I did guzzle daintily sip two cups of punch. When I woke in the wee hours with a pain, my first groggy half dreaming thought was: Darn Wanda and her punch!! Thought the fizzy punch had set stone #2 to journeying but I kept sleeping and all was well.
Wanda said I matched the pizza colors!


Our lovely Premier Jewelry Representative, Kaylauna.



Pretty glass beads and Rhinestones!


Decisions, decisions...

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Intrepid Slider!

Climbing this super steep slippery ladder was a big accomplishment for Talon. He stalled
four times calling for help. Even though he sounded scared, I didn't rescue him. I just kept hollering: Keep going... Lean forward... You can do it... You're almost there! Scared me a couple of times when he wobbled backwards but he made it! Really increased his confidence. The next two climbs he was slow but not afraid.

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Darryl Starbird Custom Car Show!

Darryl Starbird is famous for designing innovative and sometimes space-agey custom cars from the 1950s to present. This one is Predicta. Doesn't it look like something out of the Jetsons? Jim has fond memories of building models of Predicta, Lil' Coffin and Big T. Pin It

Transformer Bumblebee!

Talon freaked out when he spotted Bumblebee!

Too cute! Talon immediately looked under the car for the robot!
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The Color Purple!

The height of redneck chic.... color coordinated earplugs!
Gotta wear earplugs at the monster truck race, you know!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Polynesian Spectacle!

Polynesian Spectacle won $20,000 at the car show!
Cute... should be a character in the Cars movie.

See the spectacles

Tiki man surprise!
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Monster Trucks!!

Roaring Crushing Monster Trucks! Talon loves it! Bigfoot won the whole shebang!

Monster Truck Drama! Poor Desperado is incapacitated and hauled off the track!

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Wild Mustangs!

Yeehaw! Corral them thar mustangs!

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Talon is wild about flame paint jobs. He insists that I take a photo of each one. Here are a few of Talon's favorites from the Darryl Starbird Custom Car Show.
These two show the different styles of flames: stylized and realistic. Which is your favorite? Seems like most of the cars have stylized flames.

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Wild Dirtbikes!

Watch for the upside down trick!

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Lesa's Picks

Pink Surrey with the fringe on top...

My color! I want a turquoise car to make my blue eyes pop!

Or a hotrod turquoise truck... You know I love the old trucks. Needs some pink flames, though. Talon's influence...

Cool old truck!

Funny fish truck!
Maybe a golf cart?

The auto industry stopped making cars and went into military production during World War 2. That is why there aren't any vehicles from that time period. These 1946 trucks were some of the first made after the war. Aren't they beautiful?

All my friends know the lowrider! Metal Flake Tangerine--- Sparkly!

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Just my size!

Talon found a little cute racecar just his size!

Vroom Vroom!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Jim still yearns for his first car, a 1969 Roadrunner. He has never recovered from his parents selling it because the insurance premiums increased. The insurance company didn't realise it was in the muscle car class, you see. Jim bemoans the fact that his old Roadrunner would now be worth about $45,000.

Jim is always thrilled to see a Roadrunner at a car show.

Must be a guy thing. I don't find muscle cars as attractive as more curvy type cars and I certainly don't yearn for my first car, a candy apple red capri rs. Well, it was cool at the time...

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Talon Loves Monster Trucks!

Jim suprised Talon with a new xbox game. Talon squealed, danced and jumped for joy!
The very next day, we attended the monster truck race and car show at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Talon did not know where we were going or what we were doing until walking into the expo. Took longer than expected to figure it out. I think the roaring engine sound alarmed him until he realised... then he went wild!

Talon was on cloud nine when we rode in this truck. We climbed through the back window and sat with the driver. Wish you could've seen Talon's beaming face. Talon whooped with delight!

Here is what our truck did-- just doughnuts... no jumping or crushing cars.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Meet Shrek the Armadillo!

Since dillos are usually only seen flat as a pancake or waddling off into the dark out of headlight glare, I thought you might enjoy getting up close and personal with Shrek the Dillo.

Shrek wears the prehistoric look with flair, don't you think. Note the scaly tank shaped armor accented with wiry bristles. Shrek also sports a lovely long striped tail... just perfect for dragging. He tops off this ensemble with ogre-esque ears and porcine accessories... a piggish snout and beady little eyes.

Aren't armadillos freakishly unusual? Check out the video. In person, Shrek was snuffling loudly-- sniffing for grubs, I suppose. Don't think the microphone picked it up. Shrek is not meowing, by the way. That would be freakish!

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Natural camouflage but I still spotted this deer grazing.
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Spring is knocking on the door!

The dillies I spotted in January are slowly getting taller. This is how they looked a week ago...

This is how they look now-- much taller with buds!
Lots of growth in a week!
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