Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pre-K Valentine Party!

Check out Pre-K's Valentine sacks bursting at the seams with cards and candy... plus, all the gifts from parents and grandparents. Oh, the anticipation... but the kids waited patiently till the end of the day before going hogwild!

Talon's sack. He said the figure was Daddy. I asked what was on Daddy's head... thinking it might be horns. Talon said: His hair... he doesn't have much hair.

Isn't this cute? One of the Kindergarten classes made and sold a variety of little Valentines as a fundraiser. I bought Talon a couple.

Another cutie! I have a crush on you!

Finally, the party!!

Mmm.... Scrumptious...

Happy Pre-k crew minus a few. Did they leave early or pass out from sugar overdose?

Too funny! This is the Valentine from the teacher. Just what is she trying to say anyway?!

Oh, I get it!

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