Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And You Too Can Be A Princess!

During our bedtime routine last night, Talon said: You look beautiful like a princess.

Just as my heart melted from the precious sweetness of my little angel, he added these qualifiers:

Well, if you had on make-up... and if you had a ponytail... and if you had yellow hair...

What a toot!! I can't match Belle's princessly beauty but I can manage make-up and a ponytail.

However I draw the line at 'yellow' hair!

By the way, I have indulged Talon's StarWars obsession by fighting the darkside as Princess Leia with over the ear hair buns-- teeny tiny hair buns but Talon was absolutely thrilled.

But really, I do draw the line at 'yellow' hair... maybe I can find a wig...

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