Monday, May 2, 2011


My spring garden has been fair to middling this year partly due to weather(droughts/floods) and partly due to lack of tending.

Yep, I've been so lazy gardenwise that I squeak!  

This is the first time in fifteen years that I haven't started seeds indoors for my summer garden! Bet I regret that one!  

Anyhoo, as Scarlett says: I'll think about that tomorrow! 

So back to the spring garden-- Only a few pitiful radishes, scattered spinach hidden in the weeds, and bolting broccoli. 

But there is always a silver lining: 

Bolting broccoli flowers are beautiful! (photos soon)

And my puny spring garden is loaded with yummy purple spring onions, lettuce...  

And Sugarsnaps!!

No flowers yet but thriving so far!

The tendrils twine and grasp in the most amazing ways. Aren't they fascinating?!

Please visit Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos for more Macrolicious photos!
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  1. Wonderful details of the tendrils!

    Happy Macro Monday

  2. Nice... Great pics, too! LOVE it!

  3. Thanks for checking out my sugarsnaps!

    Texwis: graboids-- I like that. Should be a cult horror film title!

  4. don't you love getting the most random photos from your phone! new follower from java's blog hop! would love a visit back laura


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