Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Curly Top

One of my very first posts ever was of Talon's curly topped self-portraits from age three and four that always made me smile.

What a likeness!!

Talon is now the ripe old age of six and I'm still smiling.

This first grade business was touch and go the first few days though. Very teary days. For me. Not Talon. He is a big boy. I am the big ol' crybaby.  Why? Because he is doing first grade at hub's school instead of mine. Waah!!  He did Pre-K and Kindergarten at my school and I miss seeing him all day long. Everytime I had to tell a colleague the story of where Talon was going to school, there I went again with the tears!  But I'm okay now... really...sniff...

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  1. Kingergarten can always be harder for Mama's, I so remember those days. He is just darling and I love the artwork.

  2. awww. you're growing up... (yeah, YOU!) :)

  3. LOL at TexWisGirl!

    That's sweet. I still got teary with my 5th grader :(
    I don't know what I am going to do when my last one goes.

  4. Ann: Thank you!

    Texwis: Haha! Yeah, I'm working on that...

    Leslie: fifth grade... oh no, I guess that means I have lots more mama drama to go through...


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