Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Bucket O' Pup!

Aw, isn't this sweet...

This bucket loving puppy is the progeny of Snowpaw, our dumped doggie non grata.  And after three weeks under a barn, pup says a cozy bucket is 'moving on up'! 

Yep, Snowpaw had her pups way under a barn where we could not really see or help them in any way. With a flashlight there appeared to be three but by the time she moved house to under a barn with better access there was only one.  When pup finally sat up in it's little hollow under the barn, I gently pulled it out with a hoe.   

Now we have one fat little snoozing pup in a bucket on the porch.

or attempting to snooze. *sigh*

Lady, please... enough already!

Can't a puppy get a little shuteye around here!

Poor little funny looking thing. Kinda cute though despite her unfortunate appearance, don't you think? And considering the ugly sour faced no-tail father, pup is actually quite fortunate in the looks department. Relatively speaking, that is.

As much as pup loves sitting in the bucket, she does come out for a little waddle now and then.

 Did I mention this pup is a butterball? So low and wide to the ground.  Really, if she didn't have a tail, she would look just like a fat guinea pig waddling around.      

And she does have a waggy little tail.

After an outing, pup heads... where? 

Back in the bucket, of course! 

And that tail spot! Funny but it matches the one on her head, I suppose.  

So anyhoo, pup goes in and out of the bucket... sits in the bucket... sleeps in the bucket...and sometimes...

Falls out of the bucket!

But mainly...

Sleeps in the bucket!

Sleeps and sleeps.

In the oddest positions. 

And did I mention this pup is a bit on the chubby side?

Upcoming: a jealous mama dog post and puppy naming post and... well, rest assured there will be plenty of puppy posts so please stay tuned. 

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Yellow Harbinger of the Season

Yes, I know we are already deep into autumn but I wanted to share photos of my little mountain ash tree.  

This tree is always the first to change colors and I've been tracking it's progress since early October.  Most native trees in Eastern Oklahoma change in November so this little guy is our very own harbinger of autumn.

Over several weeks, one small patch of yellow spread to reveal this...

 Glorious spectacle!

Such a vibrant yellow!

Now it is November and my little mountain ash's show is but a lovely memory. I didn't post a photo of the poor naked thing because while I love autumn-- I also dread winter. And it's bare limbs are surely a grave portent of the bad to come...

Snow, ice, windchills, power outages and overall dreariness, ugh. 

But instead of moaning and groaning, I will enjoy the show all the other trees are putting on right now and dream of snow angels, snuggly sweaters, furry boots, cozy blankets, good reads, hot tea, cocoa, homemade soups, baking and...

Yeah, looking on the bright side is always better, isn't it.

What wonderful things are you looking forward to this winter?  Please share, I need more goodies to imagine to keep the winter dreads away.   

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Up Up and Away!

Friday, I went to the Veteran's Day program at my little boy's school.  The veterans stood at attention then...

fired their guns about three times. It was very loud!! And startling! I was too startled to video... but I'll be ready next year.

Each student had a balloon to release.

There they go....



And Away!

Talon reckons they will float all the way to Canada...

Almost out of sight, I think he may be right!


Talon's first grade class signed the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the program.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

An Incredible Hulk of a Dog

Hmm, wonder who this pup's favorite superhero could be...

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Photo Diary 2011

Can you guess whose shadow this is?

A cowboy?


It is...

Indiana Jones!

Talon is a big fan of the movies and the Indy Jones Legos XBox games. He has  been making pretend whips out of stray long strings, straps and cords for two years. Now he can dress up as Indy anytime he wants.

Here is a photo of a random stranger taking a photo of Indy. 

That is my shadow in the bottom left corner.

It is a cute costume, isn't it.  And it isn't a storebought costume but bits and pieces thrown together which makes it look more authentic, don't you think. The toughest part to find was the shirt. There was nary a boys expedition type shirt to be found anywhere. So where did I find it? Goodwill. And don't you dare tell him it is actually a ladies size small.

So yes, Indy was quite popular and greeted by name at almost every stop. Except by a couple of folks who said: Safari Man!
Hmm, where have they been the last thirty years?

The community Halloween festivities in Oklahoma are quite charming and very convenient. 

 Downtown shopowners wear costumes and pass out candy to  parading trick or treaters. Churches and organizations set up trunk or treats and free carnivals (games/bouncy slides not rides) in parking lots.  

Some parents and most of the canines dress up too.

And the kids are adorable...

This year, Talon tackled two nearby towns. One is best for candy and the other is best for games. And Talon is boy who likes to cover all the bases.

A mosaic of a few of the games and sliding. Talon tried and tried to win a cake but it just wasn't to be this year. I won a bag of peanut butter cookies though. It was an all encompassing combo cake/cookie/cupcake walk.

The most ususual game this year was this sanitary apple bobbing game:

The apples swing on strings and it is quite the challenge to catch one. Each child keeps their apple and a new apple is impaled on the screw for the next contestant.

Here is a video to see the game in action:

There were a few creeps and ghouls out...

But Indy wasn't scared!

Is this the set for Raiders of the Lost Ark 2?

Ha, no-- it is just a treasure hunting game but it made for a perfect Indiana Jones photo op.

Happy Halloween 2011!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Glamor Witch

Watch out, she'll cast a spell on you!

Actually, that wouldn't be such a bad thing.  I bet I'm not the only one who could use a little glamorizing and blinging up... Pin It

Halloween Fun at School

Hmm... Wonder who this could be?

A mosaic of the end of the party...

 The messier the face the better the party!

The fish is Puffles, the class pet. And I really really hope those boys aren't pretending to smoke!
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On Our Fridge

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