Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waterbags, Doodle Bugs and More

What is more fun than unexpected fun?! 

 Last Saturday's trip to Muskogee to eat and shop turned into a day of serendipitous fun.  A man at the Chinese restaurant told us about a carshow going on downtown and I stumbled upon a delightful surprise at the mall

 Now, if I had only known about the mall event before finding out about the carshow then I could've been dropped off at the mall and the day would've been perfect--- but I wouldn't have missed Talon's excitement for the world.

Talon is still wild about flames. He must have a  photo with all flame paintjobs. Today, he was working some kind of crossed arm tough guy pose.

  Isn't that dunebuggy cute?!

The antique tractor club was a fun addition-- we've never seen one at a carshow before.

See the silver Porshe Speedster?  Hubby said those were known as 'bathtub' speedsters because they look like upside down bathtubs.

Check out these waterbags...

Have you ever seen such a thing? 

My hub said that even in the 50s his family hung one off the bumper on their Route 66 trips across the desert out to California.

The burlap water bag was filled then also soaked in water.  Evaporative cooling as the car moved gave travelers nice cool water to drink and saved the day if the  radiator overheated.

Back to the tractors...

Never heard of Doodle Bugs, have you?

For a smallish carshow, this one was very educational.

If you like carshows, click on the cars label-- we have been to tons and tons of them.

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Kindergarten Graduation

Talon graduated from Kindergarten last week! Can't believe he will be a big first grader next year!

Watch out there is a tassel snatcher on the loose!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Yellow Wildflower

I love these yellow wildflowers.  And so does Mr. Buggy... but poor thing, he is all by his lonesome.

Ah, now it's a party!

Do you know the name of this flower? I checked the US Wildflower website for Oklahoma but couldn't find a match. 


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Mother's Day Tip

 Talon's kindergarten class painted wooden spoons and wrapped them up with chocolate kisses for Mother's Day.

Aw, such a cute little gift.

And, of course, I received a real smooch too--- priceless.

The stomach virus he passed along--- not so much.

Mother's Day tip: Don't kiss a puny kid!!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friendly Follow Blog Hop

Welcome, Friendly Follow Blog Hoppers! 
Such a surprise and thrill yesterday to find out that Dusty Us Diaries would be one of the featured blogs in this week's Friendly Follow hop.  
 I couldn't wait to get home from work to spruce up my blog and write a few new posts to welcome you-- Ha!  

Were all of you singing the Blogger blues too?   

I was waaay waaay down deep in the Blogger blues...

Bloggers been treatin' me real bad.... do dahda do dah....  Won't let me sign in... do dahda do dah...

But Blogger is back! Woot Woot! 

And Blogger: No more orneriness out of you-- And no more lost posts or comments!!

Oh yes, another wonderful bloggy thing happened yesterday before Blogger started being a pill:  

Dusty Us Diaries now has a blog button!

I love it! And it is all thanks to Tracy, a collaborator at my bookish blog and author of the smart, sassy and oh, so funny  Cooked Heads blog.  

I sent her an email yesterday morning saying: Help! I need a button for the Friendly Follow blog hop tomorrow! 

Tracy emailed later that morning with a button!! The woman is amazing! She is the Queen of Computer Geekery and all things Photo Editing. 

Thank you so much, Tracy!

Thank you, Charla at Healthy Home Blog, Christi at Frugal Novice and Xenia at Thanks, Mail Carrier for hosting Friendly Follow and for featuring my blog!

And thank you again for stopping by...  Company is always welcome so pull up a chair and sit a spell whenever you are in the neighborhood.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Gas Pump Bug!

Saw this big bug belly up by the gas pump. Reckon it keeled over from sticker shock?

I couldn't resist taking a shot of such striking iridescent colors. Poor thing was missing a leg and appeared dead so I flipped it over to see the other side and ended up doing the squeally bug dance!! 

 It was not dead-- just playing possum!! But intrepid photographer, that I am-- I got my shots! Never fear, I will always risk life and limb for y'alls entertainment! ;o)

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What a Pansy!

Isn't this a beauty! Reminscent of a watercolor, don't you think?

 Multi-colored pansies are my favorites and this is the only one in the garden this spring. Walmart only offered solids but Little T spotted this 'odd pansy out' in a solid red six pack-- so we nabbed it!!

Did you plant solids or multis this year?
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Talon's French Word...

The Kindergarten class learned a French word the other day. Can you guess what it was?


And can you guess how Talon used it in a sentence for his teacher?  

My dad sits on his derriere a lot!!

Hahaha!  So true that! 

My hub sure knows how to stay off them feet!!

Which is why I document rare man at work sightings for posterity! ;o)
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My spring garden has been fair to middling this year partly due to weather(droughts/floods) and partly due to lack of tending.

Yep, I've been so lazy gardenwise that I squeak!  

This is the first time in fifteen years that I haven't started seeds indoors for my summer garden! Bet I regret that one!  

Anyhoo, as Scarlett says: I'll think about that tomorrow! 

So back to the spring garden-- Only a few pitiful radishes, scattered spinach hidden in the weeds, and bolting broccoli. 

But there is always a silver lining: 

Bolting broccoli flowers are beautiful! (photos soon)

And my puny spring garden is loaded with yummy purple spring onions, lettuce...  

And Sugarsnaps!!

No flowers yet but thriving so far!

The tendrils twine and grasp in the most amazing ways. Aren't they fascinating?!

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