Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wanda's Premier Jewelry Party!

Wanda hosted a jewelry party after school. Aren't the invites cute?

Delicious refreshments! Talon raved about Wanda's punch for hours. So tasty! Since my evil kidney stone, I have only been drinking water but I did guzzle daintily sip two cups of punch. When I woke in the wee hours with a pain, my first groggy half dreaming thought was: Darn Wanda and her punch!! Thought the fizzy punch had set stone #2 to journeying but I kept sleeping and all was well.
Wanda said I matched the pizza colors!


Our lovely Premier Jewelry Representative, Kaylauna.



Pretty glass beads and Rhinestones!


Decisions, decisions...

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  1. All my long strands are brown or black so I got the long silver strand that Kaylauna is wearing.

    Also, a long strand of multicolored (lime, turquoise, white, ect) glass beads-- it matched a bracelet mama got me for christmas. It is in a couple of the photos but the colors are much brighter and cheerful in person.

    And a short burnished silver one--very plain and natural but I like it. It is at the left end of the table-full-- looks kinda like a medallion. It is the only one I haven't worn but I will!



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