Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blingy Belt!

Guess who our principal thought of when she spotted this belt at Cavender's?

Mrs. Ballard shared her thoughts: What a great Valentine present for Wanda! $125!... hmmm, I don't love Wanda that much!!

So how did Wanda get the belt? After hearing the description of the belt, she hightailed it to Cavender's and treated herself!!
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Talon's Adventures at PF Chang's

Working a maze. Note Talon's tongue sticking inside his cheek. Yep, he is of that tribe. Sometimes his tongue even sticks out when he concentrates on a task.

Lemon Pepper Shrimp on Fresh Bean Sprouts, Celery and Green Onion--Delicious!
So hard for us to try a new dish because we never want to give up a favorite. We gave up Kung Pao Shrimp to try this one. We will never give up our Shrimp with Candied Walnuts and Honeydew Melon.

Guess what I saw sneaking into the frame as I shot a photo of Talon's cute little Strawberry Cheesecake. Good thing it was a keeper because I didn't get another chance--- the cheesecake disappeared like magic!

Talon's post dessert happy face! Remember his motto: Every food needs a dessert!

Wish you could've seen the look on Talon's face when I asked him to climb into the saddle! He thought I was serious...

Now that's a big horse!
The Clydesdales don't have anything on this brute!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Blizzard 2010

Yet another snow thanks to El Nino. The weatherman forecasted a dusting.

Does this look like a dusting to you?
A rhyme popped into my head to the tune of 'It's raining, It's pouring'.

It's snowing... It's snowing!! Okies pray it's blowing.... Down to Texas... right to the nexus... It better be going!!!

Northeast Texas received an unusually heavy snow last week. Snow is rare there and all the texans on Facebook buzzed with excitement. Hence, my rhyme. I posted it on Facebook to tease the Texans but they were not amused. Heehee... apparently the new had already worn off.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Thrifty and Spiffy!

Wonder if this dapper little man made a wrong turn into Walmart?

No matter... he found flowers and candy for his sweetheart... must be a thrifty and spiffy gentleman!
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Happy Valentine's Day

Guess what the 5th grade fundraiser was.... Yep, Valentine pictures! My friend Misty aka Laughs With A Small Town Gal
came up with this brilliant idea. She shot all the photos--- edited then printed at Walmart. The parents paid $5 and received a beautiful 5x7 photo. A very successful fundraiser--- don't know the exact total but an early estimate was $1000 and the 5th grade won the fundraiser contest!

Thank you, Misty, for the great photo and for your patience with Talon's fear of slightly wobbly tables.
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Dancing Dog!

Talon couldn't get enough of the dancing dog--- Watch the video---Talon shimmies and shakes too. Not his usual exhuberant style but he is trying to copy the dog... cute!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Balloons and Cake!

Thought Talon's two Valentine gifts from the Kindergarten fundraiser were plenty. Then he asked: Am I getting balloons again this year?
So off I go to Apple Hollow to get balloons and and a little cake... Well, it is a tradition... he isn't spoiled...

What a sweet little boy!
What a sweet little cake!
What a sweet duo!

Talon appreciates his cake... he isn't spoiled.
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Pre-K Valentine Party!

Check out Pre-K's Valentine sacks bursting at the seams with cards and candy... plus, all the gifts from parents and grandparents. Oh, the anticipation... but the kids waited patiently till the end of the day before going hogwild!

Talon's sack. He said the figure was Daddy. I asked what was on Daddy's head... thinking it might be horns. Talon said: His hair... he doesn't have much hair.

Isn't this cute? One of the Kindergarten classes made and sold a variety of little Valentines as a fundraiser. I bought Talon a couple.

Another cutie! I have a crush on you!

Finally, the party!!

Mmm.... Scrumptious...

Happy Pre-k crew minus a few. Did they leave early or pass out from sugar overdose?

Too funny! This is the Valentine from the teacher. Just what is she trying to say anyway?!

Oh, I get it!

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My Little Valentine...

Just love my little Talon...

Hug him to pieces!

My Little Valentine!
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Smooches and Azaleas...

Talon passed out valentines...and received a big ol' blingy smooch from Wanda in return!

Wanda's valentine from our principal. Aren't they beautiful? Sure increased everyone's yearning for spring. Wanda can't wait to plant them in her garden!
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dilly Surprise!

Spotted daffodil stalks in mid January. Yippee! This makes me very happy!

What a beautiful sight! Spring is on its way!

Dillies thrive under a cozy blanket of snow!
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Baby Penguin

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Snow Faeries

Braved the cold to take some photos during the middle of the snowfall last Friday. The snow flakes were small but falling thickly at this point.
Magical! Didn't expect to catch the snow faeries in action!

Snow Imp

Snow Queen's Throne
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Artic Blast of January 2010

Old Man Winter paid us an unwelcome frigid visit at the beginning of January; barged in with the coldest temperatures since 1996! Lows and highs in the single digits with wind chills way below sorrow! Hope Old Man Winter calls first next time; I don't like drop in visitors...

Took a nature walk when the temp rose to 22. Spotted some spectacular water formations down by the creek. This one looks like fancy manmade edging for a swimming pool. Believe me, the land underneath is lumpy bumpy creek bank.

Mother Nature is quite an artist!

bottom of a small waterfall

top and middle of a small waterfall
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