Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gawking Around Las Vegas!

 Did you know Sin City is an absolute mecca for a photo memer? My family spent a few days there last week and I spotted blues, yellows and reds galore.  Here are a few of my faves. Some are funny, bizarre, quirky, amazing and/or cute-- depending on how one rolls, of course.   Which is your favorite?

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering-- I gambled and lost all of three whole dollars. I'm not much of a gambler but I'm definitely a gawker!  Viva Las Vegas, Baby!!

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This one still makes me laugh!!

Mmmm, M&M Store!

Meeting Mr. Yellow M&M! 

Coca-Cola Store!  Apparently there is a store for everything in Vegas!

Aw, love this retro Ronnie Mac!

Oh My! She was inside the Planet Hollywood Casino Mall  looming over families lined up to see the Comedy Pet Theatre Show.   Nobody paid it much mind except me, of course. I kept imagining it coming to life like in some old Sci-fi/horror film:  Attack of the 50 ft Stripper!!
One of the guys in Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theatre Show. Isn't he handsome! The whole crew is Russian and one big talented family.

See this show if you are ever in Vegas with your kids-- the juggling, acrobatics and clowning are amazing but you won't believe all the animals! Dogs, geese, rats, ferrets, parrots and cats-- yes, cats!  Trained cats willingly participating in an act, who knew?!

The Fun Dungeon Arcade is on the lowest level of  the Excalibur Casino. Well,  where else would it be?  We finished off every day of gawking with an hour or two of game playing. My little boy was in hog heaven especially when he got to see the Spongebob 4D movie-- only eight minutes long but air blows, water sprays and the pickle smells!

This photo was taken through the window of the top deck of a double decker bus. The day was cloudy but a bit of blue sky appeared just in time for this shot!

Luxor Casino-- through a bus window!

Pardon another window shot. This one is taken from our 24th floor hotel room--  Isn't it surreal? Wish you could have seen it in person-- the moon was huge!  We arrived at night so only saw the bright lights of Vegas which makes for a spectacular view but when we woke up to this amazing sight-- Wow! Had no idea mountains were so close to Vegas-- and such alien looking mountains at that!
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  1. Wonderful pictures. Your kids are adorable.

    My Blue Monday.

  2. I love Vegas. been there twice and had great time even if i didnt able to see everything that makes it Las Vegas. Happy photos thanks for sharing

    You may view my Blue Monday @ J&J

  3. It appears you had a good time.

    Love the blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Lesa!

  4. Very nice photos. We love Vegas and want to go for New Years. All the photos look like you all have a fun time.
    A Fun Festive Time

  5. I loved all your fun photos. What a great place to visit. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. I'm more of a gawker than a gambler, too and I think I would love to gawk at Vegas!

  7. Love all the photos. It looks like a fun place to visit.

    Happy Ruby.

    Mine's here.

  8. I'm not much of a gambler either. It looks like you had a good time people-watching though. Thanks for sharing! La

  9. That is always a fun place to go. You should never be surprised at some of the sights there. I think it is one the prettiest cities at night.

  10. What happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas. Just don't gamble all in one casino. Love the M&M dude!!!

    My RT Link

    Hope you can stop by for a visit!

  11. Those are gigantic, love the spongebob! I just became your follower.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  12. I love all the photos. Sounds like a fun visit. Happy RT!

    My RUBY links:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  13. I'm glad you didn't lose much money. It looks like you used your non-gambling time very well. Neat shots.

  14. Wonderful photos! I have never been there, but I lived in Reno for awhile....gambling does not have any pull for me, but I would love to see th ehotels and shops someday! :)

  15. Boy when we were in Vegas last summer I sure didn't see any of those more wholesome places that you found. Fun pictures!

  16. What a wonderful post! Looks like there were lots to do and things to see..

  17. I've never been to Vegas, but I know with how thrifty I am, I'd be a gawker instead of a gambler too! I love the human Vegas sign, and that view from your window is spectacular!
    Happy REDnesday!

  18. I was going to say that I must be the only person on earth that hasn't been to Vegas but I see Carol, above me, hasn't been either. Carol and I will have to go together! :)

    Thanks so much for the tour and your great photos. I'm not a gambler either so I'd just be taking in the sights and the shows.

    Happy Rednesday,

  19. Thanks all for all the great comments! I enjoyed all your photos too!

  20. Interesting photos! I LIVED in Las Vegas for a few years...:)

  21. I've never been either and my sister lived there.
    I loved all the pics, but my fave is the moon with the mountains. You said it - like alien mountains!
    Very very cool.
    I guess my other faves would be the McDonalds and the Coke bottle.
    Glad you had fun!

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