Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Party!

I really like Talon's teacher. Most school parties involve eating and booting out the door home but Mrs. F always has fun projects and events for the kids-- all the time-- and for the Halloween party she went all out.

Pumpkin decorating


Boxes of icky vampire eyes, goblin guts, and  rotten fingers for the kids to feel.

Talon is squeamish and could barely stand the fingers...

the eyes and guts weren't any better

Party snacks-- Now that is more like it!

Talon told his teacher I would make homemade chocolate chip cookies for his party-- which I did but they just aren't very Halloweeny so I also made... 

 Gingerbread pumpkin cutouts with lemon glaze and green sugar stems. This is the bottom layer so looks a bit beat up.   Yummy-- not homemade though-- it is Betty Crocker cookie mix.  Our favorite since it isn't  too strong. I baked only 5 minutes so the cookies stay soft and moist.
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Trick or Treating Fieldtrip

Halloween at this school is such fun! The little kids (PreK-3rd) sing at the bank and nursing home. The bank gives each child a Halloween bag full of goodies then the kids trick or treat at other businesses in town to add to the bounty!

On the bus... is it Optimuses or Optimai? And I'm not stealing this joke from you Leslie. I was saying this all morning like a geek and heehawing to myself  (prior to our facebook chat)-- No one laughed but me.

Kindergarten lining up outside the bank-- whoa, check out those boots!

Groovy!  Looks like disco boots  to me but the owner said they were go-go boots. Regardless, I need a pair!

creepy automaton
 This year the bank had a Tunnel of Terror-- a fun crew at the bank--  they go all out to help the community.  A bit too scary for little kids with all the fog, webs and real people hidden amongst the automatons. Too bad the 4th-6th graders didn't get to go to the bank-- they would have loved it!

A real creepy corpse--- would you ask this gal for a loan?

Or this guy?  He stayed very still with a bucket of candy in his lap-- when little hands reached so did he.
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Parade of Costumes!

Our school always has a parade of costumes at 9 a.m.   Lots of funny, cute, clever and scary costumes. 

My little guy-- not too original but he loves Transformers.

Yoda! Isn't that the cutest thing!

Creepy! Not sure what this is-- maybe the Creature from the Black Lagoon?  Do kids even know about that these days?

Love this hair! The mom said it is accomplished using a paper towel roll. Hmm...
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Contest!

The second grade had a pumpkin carving/decorating contest. So many clever ideas-- I'm sure the second graders won't mind if you borrow an idea or two.   Which is your favorite?

And the winner is....   Argh, Matey!
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Crazy Days!

Yesterday, was Crazy Dress Day at School!

Crazy Cajun!


Presenting Preposterously Purple! Purple exercise pants, purple blingy top and purple camo hat!  Not too crazy but I don't really need to dress crazy-- it is what is on the inside that counts! Ha!

And my crazy clodhoppers! By the way, the tag says 'available in wide'. My feet are not wide-- not that there is anything wrong with wide...
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cake King!

Waiting... Waiting...

Yippee, Talon won a cake! 

These are the smallest cakes I've ever seen at a cake walk! Small and cute-- the home-ec class baked them. Pin It

Monday, October 18, 2010


Marigolds are still blooming in my garden. Not sure which variety this is but it is pretty and cheerful!

Marigold foliage smells a bit stinky so the flowers are used as pest control in veggie gardens; guess this little buggy didn't get the memo!

Linking up this week to:
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Be sure and visit these blogs to see more close up and/or cheerful yellow photos to brighten your day!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Turtle

Spotted these turtles smackdab in the middle of the dirt road. Of course, I yelled: Stop the car!!

Is there a kama sutra for turtles because this guy could use some help?!

Did you lose the GPS again, dear?

This is my first link up to the fun Camera Critters photo meme! Can't believe I just discovered this meme! To see more critters from around the globe click here!

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We Are Simple Folk...

Very simple and very easily entertained.    Could this be why we had a whole section of the restaurant to our lonesome tonight?

We often amuse ourselves with the digital camera while waiting for our order at restaurants. Tonight, the batteries died and Talon said: Oh no, now what will I do until the pizza comes? No worries, Mom saved the day by whipping spare batteries out of her purse!

Does your digital camera provide entertainment value beyond snapping your 'real' photos?
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Future Savage Reader!

Talon received a prize t-shirt for reading a book to his teacher! 
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At Posey Park...

Views from the top of the slide:

Many Oklahoma trees are misshapen from icestorms

Loved this steeple peeking through the trees-- I think I worked at this church a few years ago providing speech therapy to their preschool class.

Ground level views:

Broken glass doesn't belong at a park but it is a pretty color

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