Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog!

What a silly dog! It is supposed to be Talon's dog but it keeps following me around and getting in my business. And Midnight the cat follows right behind but heaven forbid that someone pets the cat-- pup intefers there too!
Pup is still officially nameless since we each call it a different name. Talon started calling her Mrs. Pirate because when one dog ear flips back it looks like a tricorn hat. Plus, she keeps stealing my garden gloves, trowel, and four packs of plants right in the middle of a putter. So I started calling her 'scurvy dog'! Hubby has taken to calling both animals: DogVader and CatSith-- yes, we've been on a StarWars kick lately-- more about that coming up. Pin It

No More Pre-K

Can't believe my little punkin is now a Pre-K graduate!

Look at this little memory journal showing the progression of Talon's art, thoughts, and name writing over the last school year. What a wonderful surprise! Many thanks to both Mrs. Spearmans-- for being kind loving teachers and for going above and beyond the call of duty to make this journal.

(By the way, three of the four Pre-K teachers are sisters-in-law. Total digression, I know, but after 25 years I still find small towns quirky and charming-- and I've learned to never say anything about anyone-- even from nearby towns--- they are all related!)

Here are a few pages out of the journal-- remember you can click on the picture to enlarge.

Love this one from last August-- one of my first blogposts ever was of Talon's curly haired self portraits. This is a good representation of his drawings this past school year-- most are rockets, racecars and monster trucks.

This recipe will have turkey on the table in a jiffy!

Funny, not long after this, Talon said he wanted to be a mechanic that plays music-- later it was a mechanic that dances.

So cute! Wish I could read what Talon said about all his classmates!

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate this keepsake?

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Blow Up Fun!

What a spectacular day of blow up fun!

The second grade teachers raised enough money to rent blow up bouncey houses, obstacle courses and slides for the whole elementary! So generous! Thanks Mrs. T, Mrs. R and Mrs. W!

For the little kids! Pre-K through second grade.

My little guy having a ball! So fun-- I tried out everything too! Whew! Bouncey houses are lots of exercise-- someone should start bouncey house gyms for adults!


For the older kids: third through sixth grade. It was my last day of work so after Pre-K went in for rest time, I picked Talon up early and we tried out all these too. All the kids were fascinated that I was climbing, playing and screaming with Talon! Well, Talon didn't scream...

In the bouncey house! Talon is finally able to do this-- he wanted nothing to do with a bouncey house until just this past February.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elementary Art Show

There was an after school art show in the elementary gym the week before school let out for summer.

Pre-K exhibit on the stage.

Talon was so excited...

He couldn't wait for me to see his helicopter.

Talon's helicopter with a different kind of propeller. Isn't that a great helicopter? Looks like his blue marker was drying up though.

Here are more selections of Pre-K art... such a range of subjects and artistry.

Since the title is Vampires, I think these must be ticks...

I like this Indian corn drawing and the 'blackbird that is brown' is cute. Looks like the birds are stealing corn.

Typical little girl drawing... I remember drawing very similar ones as a child.

Now that is one psychedelic corndog!

Colorful kite!

Must be modern art!

Art from older students:

I knew immediately that this belonged to a certain fifth grader-- he is wild about farming and farm equipment.

This one is a great representation of Oklahoma!

What do the next three have in common?
Happy Alien!

Happy Lions!

Happy snake! Yep, even the snake has a smile. Isn't it sweet that children draw smiles on everything?!

Don't know who did this one... maybe a highschooler?

Lucky, the astronaut.

Photos taken by the artshow organizer

Talon and I enjoyed the art show. Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of our favorites.

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Kindergarten Enrollment!

Talon scored 99.5/100 on his Brigance Pre-screen for Kindergarten. Woohoo! And no, he isn't prodigy-- he has just attended Pre-K at my school for two years which helped him acquire readiness skills for Kindergarten. Also, the teacher was a bit lenient on scoring the gross motor skills but I am still a very very very proud mama!

Just can't believe he will be in Kindergarten already. Didn't he just come home from the hospital swaddled like a baby burrito?!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ruby Tuesday and Rednesday: Can I Eat My Dessert Now!

This is absolutely one of my favorite photos this year. My family ate a family Valentine's Day dinner at PF Chang's and my four year old ordered a mini strawberry cheesecake dessert. So pretty that I had to snap a few shots.

My little one is used to me taking pictures of everything especially spectacular food and he is usually very patient for a toddler. However, after a couple of shots, it was more than he could bear. He said: Mama, can I eat my dessert now? Then, I saw a sweet little hand sneaking into the frame just as I clicked. A completely accidental photo; Isn't serendipity wonderful?!

What about you... do some of your accidental photos turn out to be the best of the bunch?

If you would like to join in the fun or just view more photos of the red persuasion, please click the following links:

Ruby Tuesday hosted by Mary the Teach at Work of the Poet

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sitting In The Catbird Seat

Is this the famous 'catbird seat'?

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Never Enough StarWars

Talon is mad for StarWars and he loves to play Xbox Lego StarWars. This evening the little toot of my life said: If I have no interruptions, I can finish a level on my StarWars game.

Mind you, he is only just now five years old. Of course, I asked what kind of interruptions. Talon said: You know... Dad wanting to go to the store... having to go to bed!
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What A Catch!

Eyes on the bobber!

That's better...

Talon's first fish... a large mouth bass! Isn't it huge?!

Just kidding... but it is the perfect size for a little boy. Talon was so proud. In fact, he gloated for days. Mom and Dad caught nary a fish, you see. Talon said: You know why I caught a fish? I was patient. You two walk around too much.

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Sage Advice...

Actually, sage needs no advice... just plop it in the ground and get out of the way. This wise old sage is aproximately sixteen years old and has survived transplanting and severe pruning.
It even makes little sage babies that I give away to good homes.

Pretty! Reminds me of lavender.
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On Our Fridge

Pre-k has such fun worksheets. That is a real tissue sticking out of the box and when you lift the lampshade, there is a lightbulb. Not a real lightbulb, silly. ;o)
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop And Smell The Roses

I chanced getting a traffic ticket by stopping the car sideways across the middle of the road to obtain this Ruby Tuesday photo. Actually, this is in a very small town with only one policeman so I figured if I was quick enough I could avoid legal repercussions.

After snapping a few quickies, I felt quite daring so I stepped out of the car for a few more when the dog of the yard raced up barking ferociously. Fearing it might use the concrete blocks to leap over the fence or at the very least alert the owners that a crazy lady was lurking about, I jumped in the car and hightailed it out of there!

To what lengths have you gone to obtain the perfect Ruby Tuesday photo?

Ruby Tuesday is a weekly global photo meme hosted by Work of the Poet.
To see other great photos please click on the link to her blog.

Wednesday Edit: While viewing some of the great red photos submitted in this week's Ruby Tuesday meme, I ran across another red meme. This one is called Rednesday... yes it is a Wednesday meme. It appears that this meme may be more for photos of red vintage items but this stop sign is definitely vintage. So a linking I will go... a linking I will go... Hi-ho the derry-o a linking I will go.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Blooming Chives!

Chive is the fresh herb that I use the most... but basil runs a close second.
Such a thrill when all the chives start sprouting in early spring. I start snipping and tossing them in various dishes as soon as the stems are 3-4 inches tall.

Beginning to bud...

Bursting forth...

Into a beauteous bounty of blossoms!

one singular sensation!

Right now I only have two good clumps of chives. Last spring, I moved several clumps from my smallish herb bed to a larger garden bed where they were thriving.

Suddenly all the transplanted clumps disappeared!!! Nothing ever eats chives so I could't imagine what in the world! All that was left were a few bedraggled stems lying on the dirt... nothing else. All my onions disappeared too. I suspect an onion loving gopher may be the culprit.

Very weird. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Hopefully, the gopher's terrible onion breath kept it from attracting a mate and founding a dynasty of onion loving progeny!

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