Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Discouraging Words...

Well, the sign said nothing about funny faces...

Talon loves popcorn!
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In late October, the trees in the Ozarks displayed the most beautiful colors.

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Happy Guys at Silver Dollar City!

Morning tram ride in...

Middle of the day rest stop...

Evening tram ride out...

What a wonderful day!
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I keep finding new garden ornaments
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Old Timey Train Ride

Talon rode this funny little kid powered train at the Robbers Cave Fall Festival.

Check out the video!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

More Scenes of Autumn

Talon and I spot interesting things on our nature walks. Here are more photos of natural phenomenon that caught our eye this autumn...

Solo bois d'arc (horse apple)

Vine thriving on a tall dead tree...

Yippee, a pine cone! Not huge like Tx pinecones but it is a pinecone!

Grass going to seed

Leaves turning...

Weed going to seed

Strange but pretty mushrooms growing on a log. Looked this one up. Apparently, it may be an edible mushroom called chicken of the woods. There is another orange one in America that is poisonous. Don't think I will take a chance...
Correction: 12-5-09 After a bit more research, I think this is a poisonous mushroom called 'jackolantern'.

Fall wildflowers (weeds)

So much rain in October...

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Fried Okra!

Can't get enough okra! Roasting is my usual cooking method but sometimes I just gotta fry up a big mess of okra.

Over the years, I've tried all combinations of coatings in search of the best. One summer, a Southern Living recipe called for dipping in buttermilk then dredging in seasoned cornmeal. Tasty but a very hard thick crust with a slight tang.

I really prefer a thin light crisp crust on okra. This summer I settled on my favorite! First, I dipped the okra in egg white then dropped it in a ziploc bag of seasoned flour to coat. Panfried as usual.

Don't think I'll stray from this version! It is scrumdiddly!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Dynamic Office Duo! These two started the latest tee shirt trend...

After we all bragged on the new shirts, Stitches and Prints brought a load of tees and bling to tempt the staff. Don't think anyone who walked into the office on break left with their pocketbook intact! Teachers love to shop!

and this one...

Wanda and the Wand-ettes!
Yeah, we're blinging... we're blinging...
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My Speech Spot...

You may recall that due to flooding at my one day a week school, the whole library was moved into my room. Remember the mess? Books piled and stacked all over the floor...

Look at it now! The librarian is only there two days a week but she did an amazing job putting all the books back in order. The room is half size and is only a quarter the size of the regular library. Can't believe the books fit!
The supt apologized more than once for moving the library into my spot. I told her not to worry. It is the best the room has ever looked and it even smells better! Before, it was just an old junk room full of broken tables, chairs, copiers and outdated learning materials.

Such a pleasant spot to work now...

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Conked Out!

Talon tried to stay up saturday night for the Upside Down Show that only comes on at 10 and 10:30 pm on NickJr.
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Sillies at Patron's

upside down menu

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Autumn Flutterbys and More

Been reading Winnie the Poo with Talon, hence the flutterbys.
So many interesting butterflies and moths in the garden this autumn. Sometimes several dozen at a time, moths mainly, covering the basil and lavender. Who knew autumn was the season for a butterfly garden?!

Unusual and pretty...

Underneath the wings are metallic silver.

Became part of Talon's catch and release program-- I tried to get the silver to show up-- it looked just like foil!

Cucumber beetle-- no curcurbits to nibble...

Petite-- the wingspan is only 1 inch

Talon's ladybug!

Moths don't seem to mind the spent flowers

New flowers are nice too


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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Talon's Day to be Leader!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mother Nature Provides...

This birdie posed on the mower even after we drove up and opened the car door.

We put out birdseed in the winter but Mother Nature always provides a bountiful feast.

Ornamental pears. The birds must really love these because new trees pop up everywhere!

I think this is an ornamental spuce but all the cedars are fruiting too.

Autumn is a beautiful season! Get outside and observe all the amazing changes taking place!

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