Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World's Largest Chocolate Fountain!

This 26 ft tall chocolate fountain at the Jean-Phillipe Patisserie in  the  Bellagio Casino is the largest in the world! Definitely a chocolate lover's dream!

The top section is only visible from underneath.  I read that the fountain circulates two tons of chocolate. Wow-- That is a lot of chocolate! Do you think it is the same old chocolate day after day or does it get replaced with fresh occasionally?
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My Baby Brother and My Baby Boy!

My brother met us in Vegas for a couple of days. Talon was so excited-- he thinks his uncle is so cool. Well, who wouldn't with chauffeur service like that!  My brother is thirteen years younger than me and I remember toting him around just like that-- How time flies!
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gawking Around Las Vegas!

 Did you know Sin City is an absolute mecca for a photo memer? My family spent a few days there last week and I spotted blues, yellows and reds galore.  Here are a few of my faves. Some are funny, bizarre, quirky, amazing and/or cute-- depending on how one rolls, of course.   Which is your favorite?

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering-- I gambled and lost all of three whole dollars. I'm not much of a gambler but I'm definitely a gawker!  Viva Las Vegas, Baby!!

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This one still makes me laugh!!

Mmmm, M&M Store!

Meeting Mr. Yellow M&M! 

Coca-Cola Store!  Apparently there is a store for everything in Vegas!

Aw, love this retro Ronnie Mac!

Oh My! She was inside the Planet Hollywood Casino Mall  looming over families lined up to see the Comedy Pet Theatre Show.   Nobody paid it much mind except me, of course. I kept imagining it coming to life like in some old Sci-fi/horror film:  Attack of the 50 ft Stripper!!
One of the guys in Gregory Popovich's Comedy Pet Theatre Show. Isn't he handsome! The whole crew is Russian and one big talented family.

See this show if you are ever in Vegas with your kids-- the juggling, acrobatics and clowning are amazing but you won't believe all the animals! Dogs, geese, rats, ferrets, parrots and cats-- yes, cats!  Trained cats willingly participating in an act, who knew?!

The Fun Dungeon Arcade is on the lowest level of  the Excalibur Casino. Well,  where else would it be?  We finished off every day of gawking with an hour or two of game playing. My little boy was in hog heaven especially when he got to see the Spongebob 4D movie-- only eight minutes long but air blows, water sprays and the pickle smells!

This photo was taken through the window of the top deck of a double decker bus. The day was cloudy but a bit of blue sky appeared just in time for this shot!

Luxor Casino-- through a bus window!

Pardon another window shot. This one is taken from our 24th floor hotel room--  Isn't it surreal? Wish you could have seen it in person-- the moon was huge!  We arrived at night so only saw the bright lights of Vegas which makes for a spectacular view but when we woke up to this amazing sight-- Wow! Had no idea mountains were so close to Vegas-- and such alien looking mountains at that!
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Swan Dive!

At a Love's Convenience store the other day, my little boy was concentrating on picking the perfect package of gum for his first flight.  All of a sudden he froze then took off at a run.... I looked up in time to see him stop and...
swan dive right into this huge pile of stuffed animals!

Where is the boy?

There he is!  Really that is just too much temptation for a child... Wonder how long it takes the manager to rethink this idea?
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On Our Fridge

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crazy Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich!

Boomarang Diner Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich!
This has got to be the most hilarious chicken fried steak sandwich ever!  How is one expected to pick it up? 

Jim has a big mouth but even he was taken aback by this monstrosity!

So how was it? Tasty but not spectacular-- this chicken fried steak sandwich is better.  Doubt Jim will stray from Boomarang's  tried and true burger basket again.
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School Days: Pie Party!

The elementary has an on site lunch room now so no more bussing down to the high school for meals. The new lunch room is so small that parents were not invited to eat Thanksgiving lunch with their children this year. :o(   A shame but to make up for it the kindergarten class invited their parents to a pie party today complete with apple cider and pecan, apple and pumpkin pie.  The kids were so excited to show off their indian headbands and, of course, eat pie. 

My little Indian-- Cherokee to be exact!

Mmm, pumpkin pie!


Too much boy for this slide, me thinks!
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

School Days: Can't Touch This!

Too cool for school!

Kindergarten danced to 'Can't Touch This' at the pep rally.  Check out their moves! Pin It

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seasons Turn: Hope Springs Eternal!

Frost killed all my tender veggies and flowers three weeks ago but look what I spotted Sunday growing in a patch of mint. A single solitary volunteer morning glory! 

Oh, I've been missing my zinnias and marigolds and dreading the winter but this beautiful blossom is a reminder that hope springs eternal--- Spring will be here before we know it!

Also spotted this little baby lettuce-- another volunteer.  If I cover it with straw during freezes, do you think it might survive? 
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School Days: Savage, Sweet and Silly!

Scary Savages!

Mmm, cotton candy!  Is there a  candy more  perplexing or amazing?!  (don't even mention pop rocks-- that candy is just wrong!)  

Have you ever seen cotton candy  being made?  The sugar is in the center hole. As the motor spins, the sugar granules fly out and transform into cotton floss-- must be magic! That is the only explanation that makes sense!

In Australia, it is called 'fairy floss'--- yep, the aussies know it is magic!  I'm calling it fairy floss from now on...

Savages tamed by fairy floss!


Go Savages!

Silly Savage!
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Autumn's Ruby

Isn't this a glorious ruby?!  The tree-- not the fire hydrant! ;o)

Spotted this out of the picture window of the Boomarang Diner in Eufaula, Oklahoma--- my burger basket was just being served but I hopped up, ran out of the door and down the sidewalk like a wild thing to get a shot of this beautiful tree. 

The burger was still hot when I returned and the Boomarang gals didn't even blink-- they are used to my photo fits. However, the lady working in the health club next door...

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Seasons Turn: Our Road

Finally last week the rest of the trees turned-- about four weeks after my poor little early mountain ash.  This is the view  down the road from the end of our driveway-- glorious but it only lasts a week-- today there was a decided brownish cast.  Soon the trees will all be naked.  :o(
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Autumn's Mellow Yellows

 To see more yellow please visit Mellow Yellow Monday-- click on the linky box to be directed to the other participants.
My little mountain ash that only grew so tall.  It is always the first tree to turn even before the first frost-- a lovely yellow but could it be expressing displeasure over it's Oklahoma valley home? 

Love the yellow of these leaves!

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Seasons Turn: The Passing of a Sunflower...

So many fascinating but bittersweet changes in autumn. The sunflowers will be missed but to everything there is a purpose--  next summer's  beauties are already promises waiting to spring forth-- all thanks to the birds and their messy dining habits.  

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Can you believe this?! Talon was pushed from behind off some playground equipment and fell right on his face.  Very dangerous to be shoved from behind-- you can't brace or protect yourself.   The culprit got in big trouble! 

This is day two after it scabbed.  Faces move more than you think so it hurt for several days.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now that is a Big Bear!

Talon couldn't get over this giant teddy bear!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cars and Canines!

Can't believe we only made it to one carshow this fall!  Really no need to go to more than one since the Robbers Cave State Park Fall Festival and Car Show is the biggest and best with over 400 cars. 

This is the only car show we go to that has almost as many canines as cars.  Makes me laugh every year so this time I took photos of a few of the car loving doggies!

Red Hot!

Yes, I'm still partial to trucks!

Too Cool!

These cars are works of art inside and out!

A Patriotic Mean Machine!

Batman and Robin!

The Batmobile!!

Robin's car? See the sign in the window...

Too Cute!

Aw!  Talon wants to meet every dog and he always asks permission before petting!

What a cool truck! Wouldn't this be perfect to haul my produce to the farmer's market!

Love this Firebird!  What an autumn color-- very pumpkiny!

Isn't this a pretty dog!

How sweet!   Notice that the pretty dog's less attractive friend moved in for some petting...

Apparently cars and canines go together like peas and carrots! Which is your favorite car and/or canine?
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