Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waterbags, Doodle Bugs and More

What is more fun than unexpected fun?! 

 Last Saturday's trip to Muskogee to eat and shop turned into a day of serendipitous fun.  A man at the Chinese restaurant told us about a carshow going on downtown and I stumbled upon a delightful surprise at the mall

 Now, if I had only known about the mall event before finding out about the carshow then I could've been dropped off at the mall and the day would've been perfect--- but I wouldn't have missed Talon's excitement for the world.

Talon is still wild about flames. He must have a  photo with all flame paintjobs. Today, he was working some kind of crossed arm tough guy pose.

  Isn't that dunebuggy cute?!

The antique tractor club was a fun addition-- we've never seen one at a carshow before.

See the silver Porshe Speedster?  Hubby said those were known as 'bathtub' speedsters because they look like upside down bathtubs.

Check out these waterbags...

Have you ever seen such a thing? 

My hub said that even in the 50s his family hung one off the bumper on their Route 66 trips across the desert out to California.

The burlap water bag was filled then also soaked in water.  Evaporative cooling as the car moved gave travelers nice cool water to drink and saved the day if the  radiator overheated.

Back to the tractors...

Never heard of Doodle Bugs, have you?

For a smallish carshow, this one was very educational.

If you like carshows, click on the cars label-- we have been to tons and tons of them.

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  1. the doodle bug was my favorite. and water bags! how interesting!

  2. Perhaps that really wasn't your thing, but spent quality time with the great little fellow.

  3. LOVE this post, as all of yours!

    this inspires me to think about potentially posting an 'antique car' post of some sort... had some fam members at one point who loved all that, and ... well, anyway...

    will have to think about that (antique tractors as displayed here, however, are new to me!)...

    anyway... thanks for dropping by. totally creepy stuff...

    if you need it, my email is:
    lubbocks laquer at gmail . com


  4. Wonderful post! Loved the pictues, especially the mosaic!

  5. Such a tough little guy!and mighty cute.Course he is not as rugged as it seems by that car,he is a character indeed!

  6. So glad y'all enjoyed the cars and oddities!

    Stacey: yes, that was a creepy experience you had-- the bloggers you linked to had even scarier stories. There is a forum discussion at bookblogs.ning about posts being stolen--- must be happening more than one would think!

    Gram: Yep, he is a character, alright!


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