Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm standing about 3 ft away--- the females are brave--- whizzing around fast as lighting and humming so loud. Each one sounds like a 10 lb bumblebee-- I've been startled many times over the years into thinking I'm under attack...

This is a male-- more colorful with the ruby throat but a bit shy...

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  1. You need to try to get a photo of that Banana Yellow Finch-outside--- kaus-that thar is a purdy birdy.---Shaka------Kimokahuna

  2. Great photos! It can't be easy snapping those quick birds.

  3. Thanks Delynne! Took lots of luck and patience to stand still and good sneaking ability-- I'm good at sneaking up--- probably the Parker/Wood hunter genes kicking in...

  4. either that or bird dog genes........hahahahahaha!


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