Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Cookies

Pretty enough for a tea party!
Yum! These cookies are tasty! Sweet with little zings of cranberry goodness.

Found the recipe in the Oklahoma Farmer and Rancher newspaper. The cookie dough is just a basic shortning type dough with 2 cups of chopped fresh cranberries (frz should work too) mixed in. I used a food processor for a finer chop. I did try with a knife first but it was too difficult. Cranberries went flying everywhere!

After the baked cookies cool, dip them in your favorite melted chocolate and coat with chopped nuts. I added a dab of butter to the chocolate and I pressed the nuts in so they would stick better.

Since this was the experimental first batch, I left half plain. We took the less messy plain ones to eat on a roadtrip; Talon and I couldn't stop eating them.
We (even Talon) actually prefer them plain since too much chocolate overwhelms the delicate taste of the cookies---- but we gobbled the chocolate ones too.

Next time, for speed and convenience, I plan to add finely chopped nuts to the dough and maybe a small amount of mini chocolate chips. I'll save the chocolate dipping business for a special occasion.
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