Monday, September 6, 2010

From the Ridiculous to the Sublime

What in the world!!

Does your spouse do inexplicable things? As you can see, mine does. Actually, after living with towering empty diet coke can sculptures for 25 years, I do have an explanation. Hubby is artistically lazy! You see it is effortless and much more entertaining to build a sculpture next to your recliner than to walk to the trash can.

This isn't hubby's usual artistry and spotting this odd collection of wrappers next to the computer didn't particularly faze me but I did wonder why the compulsion to remove wrappers from bottles. ??? The mind boggles but water is healthier than coke so guess I should just appreciate hubby's strides toward adopting a healthier lifestyle. And maybe I should put a trash can next the computer table...

Enough ridiculous... Let's segue on to the sublime...

Saw this walking out of Walmart recently. Could it be a sign of heavenly approval for Sam's Choice water? Lord knows we buy enough of it! ;o)

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  1. That's so funny! Well your blues are artistic and the picture is beautiful.

  2. Who can understand the mind of man?

    Happy Blue Monday, Lesa! Check out my book giveaway.


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