Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hat Crazy with Mr. Yukkinmuffin!

Today, we visited a fabulous antique store in Checotah. So many treasures to tempt: books, gadgets, jewelry, tooled leather bags, fishing lures, tools, furniture, china, embroidered tea towels, toys and oddities galore!

Talon rummaged through a basket full of retro cookie cutters and found a mystery one.  I thought it was a rooster and he thought it was a man and dog--- so we asked Jim.  Guess what it was? A witch riding a broom! Obvious when turned the right way! 

Talon and I almost didn't resurface after landing in the vintage clothing nook! So many funny old fashions-- Too bad I couldn't play dress up!

Talon is hat crazy like his dad so couldn't resist trying them all on. He cracked me up with his antics. Gram, you are going to love this!!

Talon thought the gold on this on meant it was a hiphop hat! It is really a turban!!

and last but not least, Mr. Yukkinmuffin, the star of the hat show!! 

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  1. Oh!!This is just a darling hat show,a star is born!He has the knack for this,for sure!!!

  2. HAHAHA..the 2nd one had me laughing!
    "What's up DJ?"
    he's too cute!


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