Friday, February 25, 2011

Yippee! Spring Macros: Daffa-down-dillies!

Remember last week I posted my last winter 2011 macros and said: No more winter!   This week my earliest daffodils began blooming so I have cheery spring macros to share!

On Wednesday...

 These have pale cream petals and bright yellow trumpets

 The trumpets are short but very frilly-- I love frilly!

On Thursday...

Hanging low after a rain shower...

Today, temps are back in the 40s, guess winter didn't get my memo.

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  1. I don't do well in winter. Those are so bright and cheerful!
    Love the photos! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Love the 3rd picture.

  3. about time you got some warmer weather. You've suffered enough! they're so beautiful they almost don't even look real.

  4. Beautiful!!!hard to stop looking at them,put more on!!

  5. Very beautiful macros! Great job!
    btw, thank you for stopping by on my blog. and speaking about GIMP... don't be afraid. GIMP is awesome, and it's free... and it doesn't hurt to try it:

    on youtube you can find good tutorials for everything starts from the very basics... :-)

    and it is such a great pleasure to be able to play with your photos in professional level and not being stressed that you paid for it and now you HAVE TO learn to use it...
    It's been 3 years since I started using it and I tell you... I am not thinking about changing it to PhotoShop or any other photo editing software :-)

    have a great weekend

  6. The one with water droplets looks beautiful.
    There was a flower exhibition near my house, open for three days. Unfortunately I missed it. Now I regret after seeing your photos.

  7. Thanks! Glad ya'll liked the flowers. I sure am glad to see them blooming, for sure!

    Momphotographer: thanks for the info-- good to know there are tutorials.

    Tracy who commented up above uses gimp-- her photos are great. She is the one who urges me to try it.

    I did download it last summer but it looked so complicated that I never used it-- then lost it in a virus. I will try again sometime. Like you said it is free-- gotta love free.

  8. I think your daffodils and my daffodils should be friends :)

  9. Lets introduce them! A daffodil meet and greet!

  10. Cheery and gorgeous, terrific images!


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