Friday, December 9, 2011

100 Followers Giveaway! Win Set of Four Thirsty Stone Coasters! ($22RV)

How exciting! Dusty Us Diaries has achieved the one hundred followers milestone! 

  In all honesty, I blog by the seat of my pants  according to the capricious laws of serendipity, frivolity and whimsy. So where is this dusty little blog headed?  Don't ask me, I'm clueless. But the journey is so much fun!   
Thank you for coming along on the ride, lovely bloggy friends. 

To show my appreciation, (since I can't have you all over for a cuppa) I'd like to offer a quickie little thank you giveaway. 

The winner, chosen randomly by Rafflecopter, will receive a set of four 'thirsty' stone coasters in a wooden crate.   

The winter scene on the coaster is darling-- just perfect for a cozy cup of tea or cocoa. 

And have you ever used this kind of coaster?  I love them: they actually soak up all moisture. It is like magic-- sometimes I drip water on my coasters just to watch it soak in.  (Yes, I'm easily entertained.)

This giveaway is managed by Rafflecopter. Love me some Rafflecopter, don't you? 

US/Canada entrants only please. Ends 12/14/11.

Thanks again and good luck!

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  1. OOOH, I get to be the first to congratulate you! No wonder so many people follow you--you are lots of fun. xoxo

  2. Definitely coffee! Thank you for the giveaway! :)


    supercoupongirl AT

  3. Water would be the choice of drink. We drink a ton of it in our house so that would be what you'd find on our coasters.

    davandihamilton (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. ...Tall glass of ice lemonade or cup of hot tea or lemonade!

  5. beverage most likely to be found on my coaster is Pepsi Max.

  6. Arizona iced tea :)


  7. Hot chocolate and tea.

  8. Dr. Pepper- all the time! :-)

    Great coasters, thanks!

    jill.watkins (at)

  9. A plain old glass of ice water is most likely to be found on my coaster :)


  10. You'd probably find a Diet Pepsi on my coaster!


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