Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kat's Lavender

Isn't this a beautiful lavender...

Before my friend Kat moved to South Carolina last spring, she let me raid her garden. This lavender is large with a wide girth but didn't suffer a bit from the transplanting. It has thrived and bloomed all summer!! It is absolutely gorgeous--- Thank you, Kat!!!
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  1. Oh, wow! That is beautiful! Any plans for harvesting?

  2. it is really beautiful! thanks for the picture.

    in mostly shade, sc


  3. Thank you--- I really can't believe it survived. Don't think I've tried lavender in about 15 yrs. Mine stayed very teeny and bloomed 2 wks a couple of seasons then fizzled--could've been the wrong variety and I definitely didn't know as much back then.

    Been busy so probably won't get around to harvesting for anything particular till next year. I think I have recipes and ideas saved from years ago. It is actually still blooming now--- guess I could dry some flower stalks--- that wouldn't take much effort.

    Do you know of anything simple to do with lavender?

    Kat, I bet you'll come up with a great shady garden or con a lazy neighbor out of a sunny spot.


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