Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Artic Blast of January 2010

Old Man Winter paid us an unwelcome frigid visit at the beginning of January; barged in with the coldest temperatures since 1996! Lows and highs in the single digits with wind chills way below sorrow! Hope Old Man Winter calls first next time; I don't like drop in visitors...

Took a nature walk when the temp rose to 22. Spotted some spectacular water formations down by the creek. This one looks like fancy manmade edging for a swimming pool. Believe me, the land underneath is lumpy bumpy creek bank.

Mother Nature is quite an artist!

bottom of a small waterfall

top and middle of a small waterfall
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  1. That picture of that you took at the pond is awesome! It does look like the side of a fancy swimming pool. Great pics!


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