Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doggie Non Grata

Sunday afternoon, we returned home after spending three days in Oklahoma City to kick off our summer fun. We ate fabulous food, shopped and played at the science museum and amusement park! Fun! Fun! Fun!

 Fun till we came home, that is. Then, it was-- Crap! Crap! Crap!
While we were gone, UPS delivered some Skecher Tone Up sport/water sandals that I had ordered.

Guess where the brilliant driver left the package? 

Right on the porch...
Can you believe it!?

And the sandals were out in the grass in less than pristine condition!

I did find the ankle strap, thank goodness, and hope it can be sewn back on since these are the most comfy water/sport sandals ever. They are sproingy like a reebok dmx! Should be great for water rides and walking all day at Silver Dollar City.  

Drat-- look at this! So aggravating!!

And who is the culprit? 

Snowpaw aka Doggie Non Grata!!

This isn't Snowpaw's first infraction, by the way. 

And we wondered why she had been dumped... bet the dumpers had a big ol' heehaw at our expense! 

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  1. oh but she's so darn cute!!! and the package WAS left in her area! like a present just for her!

  2. Haha-- yes, I'm sure that is what she thought. Plus, the shoes are manmade materials and smell just like a dogtoy!!

  3. Oh no! I was gonna say, she probably smelled SHOE!

  4. Can you ask UPS to pay up? It really is their fault, of course. Not SnowPaw's.

  5. Doggie non gratta, ... HA!
    True story.
    My dog meets my Blackberry.
    My dog kills my Blackberry.
    I buy a supposedly 'lifeproof' phone with gorilla glass. My dog kills my lifeproof phone and breaks the gorilla glass (scary, right, if you've ever seen gorillas beat on the glass at the zoo).

    Anyway..... good to see you back!
    The Winter of my Discontent.

  6. I agree, it isn't the dog's fault. UPS shouldn't have left them, they should have come back when someone was there to answer the door.
    And how can you resist the face of a happy dog? Sad about the sandals (they sound SO comfy) and I hope you can get that strap fixed.
    I can't believe there is ever a good reason for dumping a dog. Our Lindy is a rescue dog, and her behavior wasn't perfect to begin with, but she has improved.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Oops..but look at that gorgeous face!

  8. Oh dear! It surely isn't Snowpaw's fault... She looks so sweet and innocent! :)

  9. Stacey: What an ordeal? But who was the dog trying to call? haha

    DeLynne and Kay: Yes, it is UPS fault but also my fault-- I didn't leave specific instruction like 'leave pkg in a vehicle' or some such. Our trusty UPS guy who could think independently retired and I'm not used to the 'droidish' new ones.

  10. All: Good News!! I foung a shoe repair shop 60 miles away-- sandal is repaired and I pick it on Monday!! Yay!!

  11. Cute puppy dog, you just gotta love them. I am happy to hear dyour sandal was fixed.

  12. So cute!
    I also love a shoe repair shop :)

    Thanks for your comment. Yep, the fish tickles :)

  13. I'm jealous of all the yummy food you ate.


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