Monday, April 18, 2011

Men at Work

Is there anything better than seeing 'men at work' at home?

Not something that I see everyday so figured I better document this rare sighting...

Clearing brush in preparation for painting outbuildings. Our outbuildings are made of insulated metal panels and they start to rust after a few years.  Two have never been painted so really need a protective coating of paint.

How long has this project been on hubby's agenda?

Just three to five years-- I lose track!

He's a real go getter, that hub of mine!!

Little man at work!

They still like work at this age...
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  1. oh yes. handy men at work is even better!

  2. Work,work,work,what a cute little lad.For the other worker!keep it going and don't over do!heeha

  3. Thanks
    Gram!'s been a long time since I have been called a "cute little lad"...I'll make sure Talon doesn't over do it!!

  4. +JMJ+

    Lesa, your comment about Talon reminds me of my tutee Star Shaker's bewildered comment about the Boxcar Children after she finished the second book:

    "They really like work, don't they?"

    LOL! She's in high school and at an age when work isn't much fun--unless, perhaps, there's a cute boy around--and the appeal of children getting to build their own cupboards, cook their own dinners, and plug up their own leaky roofs is simply beyond her right now!

  5. E: Ha,that is funny. And I do remember those 'cute boy' days.

  6. I had a friend who was a real "go getter"......he would take his wife to work and then "go getter"...worked for him!!!!hmmnn


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