Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monster Truck Ride!

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the Daryl Starbird Custom Car Show and Monster Truck Show again!
Yes, again. It is held every February and Talon started planning to go last October

Talon loves it! Jim loves it! I tolerate it!  Ha! Actually, I do like it but every year is too much--- once every five years would suit me.  (I need to remember to take a book)

Last year, I rode with Talon in the monster truck. This year Jim had a turn...

Calmly climbing up...

Roaring around the track! Hang on!

What a wild ride! Talon is ready to go again! Jim may be a bit queasy from all the donuts. He didn't eat to many donuts the truck did lots of donuts!
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  1. Too funny! I can only imagine sitting thru it every year... It's definitely a guy thing...

  2. Jim has a beam on his face,he must have liked it as much as little T!! what cool shirts!


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