Monday, June 13, 2011

Mystery Volunteer

I've been watching this little patch of mystery volunteers for over a week.

Now the true leaves are appearing and I think they may be watermelon.

What do you think?

The only thing is that none of my melons made last year and I don't remember throwing any melon scraps in the garden.  Hmm, a mystery...

 And these guys are sprouting up right at the base of a very large lavender shrub-- a couple are really in under the lavender.  How did seeds get there?  The plot thickens...

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  1. i think your little boy has been spitting seeds off the front porch! :)

  2. oh wow! just noticed i'm you're #1 chatterer off on your side-bar... yeah, i'm a big-time commenter... otherwise, what fun would it be to stop in?!

  3. you really gotta watch those garden fairies. if you're not careful, they'll start leaving things like kudzu!

  4. Texwis: spitting seeds-- you may have solved the mystery!

    Haha, you are crushing the competition! Thanks for leaving so many fun comments!

    Tracy: No kudzu-- my mint is kudzo enough. I'm organic so hopefully the garden fairies won't play any mean tricks.


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