Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunny Volunteers 2011

Our volunteer sunflowers are always a welcome sight!

 They just started blooming and it feels like meeting a long lost friend!

Don't you just love plants that drop seeds?

A dropped seed is a precious gift that keeps on giving.

What flora-tastic friends are you welcoming back to the garden?

I'll show you more happy volunteers soon...

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  1. we have sunflowers at the pond's edge too from birdseed. gotta love them!

  2. Beautiful! I love sunflowers. There is a farm near my house that has the most beautiful sunflowers I always drive by real slow to get a good look at them. I tried growing some in my yard but it was an epic fail! I am not a very goos gardner.

  3. I'm imagining you standing in the middle of them spinning. I had to explain to my Jim what a volunteer was when a tomato plant started growing in a pot on our patio. He still talks about plants volunteering for things.

  4. oh, those are just beautiful!

  5. I envy your sunflowers...I usually have to overpay for half dead ones that last about 2 days. And then I have to sadly throw them in the trash!!

    Such pretty pictures!

  6. Love those pretty sunflowers. They would be perfect for Fresh-Cut Friday. :)

    Have a great week!

  7. When I took the girls to Home Depot and attend their monthly building activity, they built a planter. To top it all, Home Depot gave us sunflower seeds and the plants are about to bloom. I love this yellow color. It's a sunshine in my life. Thanks for sharing this at the CBPH :) And check it out, my top commenters is now working :), thanks to you.

  8. I love the cheerful collage you've created!

  9. Texwis: Must be a happy pond!

    Jennifer: Sorry your flowers didn't work-- try again. Gardening is just like anything-- takes practice and trial/error.

    Liz: I'll keep it in mind but I don't usually cut my sunflowers-- maybe I'll link up a zinnia bouquet instead.

  10. All: Thanks so much for bragging on my sunflowers!! So glad ya'll liked them!

  11. Tracy: I'm heading out for an early morning putter now and I will be sure to spin!! Yeah, volunteering plants are amusing.

    SJ: you'll have to post a photo of your sunflowers and planter. I haven't made a planter but that is a diy project that I'd like to do.

    Yay, so glad it worked-- and I'm in the top ten! Woohoo!


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