Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Yellow Harbinger of the Season

Yes, I know we are already deep into autumn but I wanted to share photos of my little mountain ash tree.  

This tree is always the first to change colors and I've been tracking it's progress since early October.  Most native trees in Eastern Oklahoma change in November so this little guy is our very own harbinger of autumn.

Over several weeks, one small patch of yellow spread to reveal this...

 Glorious spectacle!

Such a vibrant yellow!

Now it is November and my little mountain ash's show is but a lovely memory. I didn't post a photo of the poor naked thing because while I love autumn-- I also dread winter. And it's bare limbs are surely a grave portent of the bad to come...

Snow, ice, windchills, power outages and overall dreariness, ugh. 

But instead of moaning and groaning, I will enjoy the show all the other trees are putting on right now and dream of snow angels, snuggly sweaters, furry boots, cozy blankets, good reads, hot tea, cocoa, homemade soups, baking and...

Yeah, looking on the bright side is always better, isn't it.

What wonderful things are you looking forward to this winter?  Please share, I need more goodies to imagine to keep the winter dreads away.   

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  1. Lovely colors. I'm looking forward to cozy times reading by the fire, maybe a knitting project, hot chocolate, and walking in the snow.

  2. This is a gorgeous tree all dressed in its yellow just never lasts long enough to enjoy its beauty. Have a beautiful week!!!

  3. what a pretty little tree! now about winter: i'm from southern calif originally and yes the weather is beautiful year round for the most part but it gets REALLY boring. we left about 10 years ago so we could experience other parts of the country and actually see what the changes of seasons were! i love it! even winter, it's exciting when there is a weather report predicting snow, going out and getting all the things you need before you get "snowed in" lol...the kids getting snow days. i look forward to all that! i do however wish winter was a little shorter but it really makes you appreciate spring when it rolls around!

  4. What vibrant colors! And I like the description of your blog in your banner. I lived in Texas many years and it sticks to you! I have retired to I have a warm winter to look forward to! Makes me very happy! Visit me when you can! ♥

  5. It is very pretty. Ours are almost brown now and most of the trees are naked ^_^

    Finding Yellow & Blue

  6. Great shots and I love the autumn colors!
    Greetings from Holland,
    Anna :-))

  7. I'm not a huge winter fan, but we have started having our special chai tea again. I love it.:)

  8. Your tree is lovely with all the sunny yellow leaves. It's fun to watch them change. I agree that when the leaves all fall off it's sad as I'm not a big winter fan either.

  9. Oh how lovely! I do not look forward to the coming of winter, either... but I will enjoy the autumn color while I may. :) Thanks for sharing at MM> :)

  10. Beautiful colour of yellow. I like your list of thinks to think about while the snow flies and the temperatures drop. I hope to be taking some photos, brrrr!

  11. What a gorgeous tree. Love the colors in the collage of the leaves.

    Happy MM

  12. Love trees and I always delight in their ever changing beauty, even bare limbs have a certain beauty. The colours in this tree are awesome and it must be wonderful have have this beauty so close by. TFS
    Visiting from Katherine's Thursday blog hop even though it's Friday here in Australia.

  13. Thanks so much for the lovely comments, compliments and ideas for winter fun. I'm in the middle of a vacation so will return visits soon!

    Tanya: Yes, snowed in days are fun and cozy. Ice days are too as long as the power stays on-- we are all electric with a well so no power is no fun. I draw up tons of water and fill the tub for flushing just in case.

    Shiloh: Yum, chai tea. I'm adding that to my list of winter delight to look forward to...


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