Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Biking at the Park

Talon has been practicing riding his new bike at the park.  The park is much safer and easier than the rocky driveway and the weedy hole-ridden pasture at home.  He is still a bit shaky and stayed on the grass during the first trip to the park.  But these photos are from the second trip to the park...

And Talon gave the paved exercise path a go!  Look at him concentrate and...

Off he goes!

Talon is so proud of his new skill.  And Mom and Dad are too.  We were a bit worried for his sake since he was so frustrated and discouraged at first.  Learning new gross motor skills is always a bit of a challenge for Talon but we took it slow and easy and step by step.  And now he is peddling like a pro!  

Well, some day soon he will be peddling like a pro.  It is funny how many things a newbie has to learn about riding that we 'old hands' never think about:  coasting, tapping the brakes to slow but not stop, turning, veering around holes and obstacles,  stand up pedaling for more power and braking. 

Ah, braking! Braking is such an important riding skill to master.  I sure hope Talon starts remembering to use the brakes soon.  He brakes like Fred Flintstone which isn't very efficient and is quite terrifying for his parents! 

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