Monday, June 4, 2012

Gift of Orange

Talon ended his first grade year reading at a third grade sixth month level!  Wow!  Needless to say, Talon's first grade teacher, Mrs. R,  was fabulous! So dedicated, energetic, creative and fun!  

We wanted to give Mrs. R a special end-of-the-year thank you gift.  But what?  She gardens and  loves orange (Go Pokes!) so when we spotted a display of these gorgeous Asiatic Lillies 'Tiny Dino' it was an 'Eureka!' moment. 

But I could not find a decorative orange (Go Pokes!) pot in the correct size to save my life so used this lovely fabric to hide a plain beige pot. It added the perfect finishing touch! 

So if you ever need to pretty up a plain pot for a gift or for home/party decor, look in the fabric/craft section at Walmart or Target ect.  There is a display of  ready-to-use fabric squares in various sizes and in a rainbow of gorgeous colors/patterns to choose from.   I don't frequent that section of the store so had no idea such handy dandy fabric squares existed.

So what did Mrs. R say when Talon presented the lilly:  It's my favorite color!

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  1. Love the fabric pot cover up idea! So much sturdier and longer lasting than paper! Gorgeous lily, great shot! Congrats to Talon and bravo to his teacher!!

    1. Thanks for the compliments! Another cool thing about the fabric is that it could be changed seasonally or to coordinate with the theme of a particular event.

  2. A gorgeous lily and you have captured the details beautifully - lovely shots!
    Thanks for a wonderful idea.

    1. Thank you so much! Your photos are always an inspiration!

  3. Lucky Mrs R...she sounds like a great teacher. Congrats to Talon on quite the achievement!

  4. I like that Lilly, especially the lst photo!

  5. Sounds like the perfect gift! Love the fabric pot cover. Such a good idea! (returning your comment from macro monday--thanks for stopping by my blog.)


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