Thursday, June 14, 2012

Garden Diary: My Gardens 2012

After last summer's triple digit heat wave and drought that hit in early June, I declared: No more gardening!  

Hahaha! Yeah, right.  I've declared that the last few summers of uncooperative weather.  But I do have less garden this year so that if it all goes south I won't have too much money, time and effort invested.

Here are the garden beds that I'm utilizing this summer:

My small main herb garden.  Well, mainly basil garden in the summer but my Mexican tarragon, chives, lemon balm and chamomile also live here along with a few flowers. 

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled up most of the pansies, lettuce and radishes but left a few to flower and drop seeds. I filled in the new empty spaces with marigold and dill seeds which are already sprouting.

Here is my second largest  garden bed and it houses a combo of herbs, flowers and veggies. This is the garden that I can see right out of my kitchen windows. So pretty and peaceful to watch all the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds enjoying the garden.  

Lavender, sage and rosemary are permanent residents.  I have a large patch of okra growing behind the lavender and sage with  green beans, squash and zucchini scattered around. 

The flowers that are already up and blooming are volunteers.  Like with the small herb bed, I recently pulled up the cool season crops and sowed summer crops in the spaces.  Later photo updates won't look so bare!

This little garden bed is built around an old clothesline pole with fencing for vining plants. I have three such poles-- the previous garden bed shown has one too. 

Right now, there are extra cucumbers starting to climb on this one and a large cherry tomato which is too small to see right now. Also, a patch of carrots in limbo... more about them in an upcoming garden diary.

My only round garden! It has daylillies and a variety of flowers and veggies most of which are just sprouting.

My big garden which is actually two rows shorter this summer. See I am gardening less!  This is where the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, beans, squash and gourds live.

I took these photos over a week ago and my gardens are getting more lush everyday. Just wait till the next photos!

Hope y'all enjoyed this tour of my 2012 summer gardens and stay tuned for more garden diary updates! 

What is growing good in your garden so far this summer?

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  1. Gardening less looks like gardening lots to me! We are just getting into our winter gardening season, since summer really is too hot and wet for most plants. Yours is an inspiration!

    1. Thanks! And Ha! That is what Jim says too about less-- but I do have less plants than normal to tend in each garden as well as fewer beds in use. Funny that you and I garden in different seasons but at the same time. Hope the garden fairies bless us both with bountiful and inspiring gardens.

      Hugs, sweet friend!



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