Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is the sight I saw as I turned around in Penny's this week. Never a dull moment with Talon. At least, he is color coordinated...
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  1. I still laugh every time I look at this picture. I can imagine Talon standing as still as possible to look like a mannequin.

  2. Adele wants to know 'Why aren't I allowed to do that?'

  3. Well, it wasn't necessarily a matter of allowing...

    I remember being curious about mannequins as a little kid but I don't think I climbed up on a stand with one-- When a bit older I did try to see how long I could stay frozen next to mannequins--- I never lasted long-- I'm too fidgety--- I bet Adele could do better!

  4. We did call her the Budda Baby.... She was a good watcher as an infant!


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