Sunday, January 17, 2010

Multipurpose Canoe...

Jim's canoe gets a lot of use even though it hasn't been tagged in 24 years.

What fantastic fishing trips Talon and I (and Gram) have been on in this canoe! Talon catches delicious rainbow fish, red headed fish, catfish, tuna and a few old boots and tires too. We cook and eat the fish right away: Talon insists.

Only a sturdy canoe could survive hurricanes and shark attacks!

During the monsoon summer of 2008, the canoe doubled as a wading pool.
A redneck wading pool, that is.

What a little imp!

And during the artic blast of 2010...
it became a mini ice rink!

We waited till the temp warmed to 22 to go out and frolic but still could only stay out a few minutes at a time. Way Way too cold for humans--- made our skin hurt.

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  1. Talon, looks like fun on ice. Did it stay frozen long?


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