Friday, January 22, 2010

Workin' off da bad mojo...

Today, my school lunch fortune cookie stated: You will overcome difficult times.... Yep, very apropros.

So far:
1. A week of the kidney stone from hell!

2. Washing machine flooded the floor.... and on one of my more painful days too. Believe me, it is not fun sucking up water with a vac when one has jabbing kidney pains!

3. Blueflash is stuck stock still in the muck... still stuck after two days. Thank goodness for BigRed, he saved the day!

4. This morning, two well fed collared canines strewed our trash everywhere down by the road... so aggravating!

Honking didn't phase them so I got out and performed my 'git outta here' schtick... until those dogs were plumb outta sight. Kinda comical in retrospect. The cow dog hightailed it quickly up the hill back home. Took the poor old basset hound forever to cover the same ground.
Old Bassett ambled about 30 ft then stopped to gaze sadly back... I hollered... he ambled a little farther then gazed sadly and longingly back... I hollered... he ambled then gazed back... I hollered... he ambled and gazed... I hollered... he ambled... over and over... and all the while Talon was shouting from the truck: Don't be mean to the cute dogs!!

Here's hoping all my bad karma has been worked out... and I don't even know what I did!

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  1. Quess the blueflash is out of the mud by now.Talon, did you help? Gram

  2. Old Bassett looks so sad, but so cute. Gram

  3. Nope, BlueFlash is still stuck! Maybe when the mud freezes during the cold spell later this week it will get unstuck!!

  4. Oh, girl, hope you don't have too many more weeks like this!

  5. One morning I get this call from my Uncle who tells me that there are two dogs sitting on the hood of my car eating my trash. It could of been worse... the dogs in the trash not the rest of your bad mojo, nothing could be worse than those sandburs.

  6. Oh wow, what a week! All I can say, is stop reading fortune cookies LOL!
    Seriously, I hope your kidney stones have passed or will pass quickly. You and I certainly have had our fair share of bad weeks. Let's hope our bad luck is just a phase, a very short phase at that.


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