Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lesa in Lime with PomPoms...

Should be a hit song, don't you think? Kind of like "Lucy in the sky with diamonds". What? You don't think so! Aw, come on... might be a catchy tune!

Lime is my new color the last 3 years. In the past, I assumed it would make me look ill in a greenish sort of way. But it isn't too bad and makes me feel perky on a deary winter day!

What I really love are my pompom boots! I searched all last year and never found the perfect pair. Finally this year, I spotted a woman wearing a contender at the snow slide. I lost her before I could ask for the specs but researched on the internet till I found them at Planet Shoes. They are suede waterproof Sporto boots with fur all the way to tippy toes. Toasty warm!
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  1. You do look perky and cute in the toasty boots and lime,and the lime booth,kool.The red now, how sweet.


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