Monday, March 8, 2010

Meet Shrek the Armadillo!

Since dillos are usually only seen flat as a pancake or waddling off into the dark out of headlight glare, I thought you might enjoy getting up close and personal with Shrek the Dillo.

Shrek wears the prehistoric look with flair, don't you think. Note the scaly tank shaped armor accented with wiry bristles. Shrek also sports a lovely long striped tail... just perfect for dragging. He tops off this ensemble with ogre-esque ears and porcine accessories... a piggish snout and beady little eyes.

Aren't armadillos freakishly unusual? Check out the video. In person, Shrek was snuffling loudly-- sniffing for grubs, I suppose. Don't think the microphone picked it up. Shrek is not meowing, by the way. That would be freakish!

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  1. Yes-- they are fascinating! Don't even look real. Thanks for the info on the book-- I'll look for it. Hope the dillos don't go extinct.

  2. Did you know that they are the only animal that give birth to identical quadruplets? I miss 'dillos.


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