Sunday, April 18, 2010


What a surprise to see this down the road from our driveway as we headed off to town! Our house is two miles off the highway so usually not much excitement other than stray cows wreaking havoc with our landscape.

There were two other trucks parked in the road with several guys milling about then they all jumped in the trucks and roared down the road past us at high speed. No one appeared injured so they must have been rushing to get tractors ect to haul the truck off before the deputy who lives down the road spotted it. They worked fast because the truck was gone by the time we returned from town.
That is our house in the background... see how rural... such a slow-paced country road to flip a truck... there is absolutely no traffic. Don't know what caused it: a deer, alcohol, loose gravel, texting... don't laugh... even good ol' country boys text.

The moral of this tale: Flips happen... keep your seatbelt on!
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