Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet Midnight The 'Dumped' Cat

We don't choose our animals... they choose us... not of their own volition, poor things, but because they have been dumped. I take that back... the ones that stay do choose us. Fine by me... reminds me of the Murry family in A Wrinkle In Time.

We've been sans pet for about a year and Talon was getting tired of waiting. He still missed his little dog and regularly asked for another one. Well, in early february Midnight found us... not the hoped for pup but Talon didn't mind. He loves Midnight the cat.

I knew this cat wasn't wild because, even though it was wary, it kept hanging around in the brush along the fence line. The wild cats are a rare sighting; they skirt the perimeter and don't linger.

Food and friendliness didn't entice her to leave the brush until presented with... can you guess?... no, you'll never guess... it was a Sonic breakfast croissant! I guess in cat culture that means we are 'good people'. I opened the door a few minutes later and guess who was on the porch... yep, and she never left. Then she started trying to get in the house... so definitely not a wild cat.

Sitting pretty... can't really see it but her black fur has orange highlights in the sun


Beware rats...

We haven't had a cat in years and I've often wished for a cat with hunting skills to keep the rural rodent population in check. Figured Midnight, an ex-house cat, would be useless but I was wrong. Not long after she adopted us, I found a huge dead rat outside the door. Midnight earns her keep on a regular basis.

The reason Midnight was dumped... here is a clue... strange deep meowing... no, not a voice disorder... she was in heat. About a week after Midnight became a porch cat, she entertained a visitor. An unusual looking wild tom... it looked like a cross between a jack rabbit and an Egyptian cat. Now, Midnight is a fat cat.
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  1. OOH, you will have little kittens soon! Any homes lined up?

  2. No, haven't thought that far-- Would you like us to ship one Down Under to you? Hmm...PETA might frown on that...


  3. dear lesa..i have finally had the chance to come and see you and thank you for your kind visit to my blog and i am afraid to tell you that i will not be a your ruby tuesday for a bit!
    this kitty has me all captivated!
    she looks so much like my sir galahad.
    many years ago, in the middile of winter, we opened our side door and there trapped in a deep drift of snow was a kitty that could have passed as a twin to your midnight.
    i grabbed that kitty and told him, "you are in to stay"!
    seeing as it was in the month of february, i am thinking that this gentle cat had been a christmas present to someone and then the novelty must have worn off and he was "dumped".
    galahad lived with us for 16 years and that feb 13th four years ago when he died is still a hurting in my heart!
    now i must go and see some more pictures of your terry

  4. Welcome Terry! Thanks for sharing memories of your Galahad-- Poor thing, dumped out in the snow. How lucky he ended up at your house!

    That is funny that you've had some doggy type cats too.

    Tell Bernie thank you for the compliment! I really liked that shot of Midnight in the grass too-- such a contrast of colors.

    Midnight does like to hide in the grass. Yesterday, she quickly crouched down behind a small tuft of green grass to hide from pup-- in order to pounce. She was still visible though--- made me laugh.


  5. I had a cat named Midnight as a child... (un)surprisingly, she looked exactly like your Midnight!

  6. What a co-inky-dink! Or maybe we aren't too creative-- Wonder if there are lots of black cats named ebony?


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