Friday, August 13, 2010

Life Savers, Chewbonga and Dark Vader, Oh my!

Can you guess what is afoot? If you guessed Star Wars, you can go to the head of the class!

Yes, my little one enjoyed his very first Star Wars marathon recently and now fancies himself to be a jedi.

Aren't kids funny when they misunderstand words in songs and movies? As a speech pathologist, I ought to correct him but I don't. It is just too cute and he self-corrects soon enough anyway. Chewbonga is already Chewbacca.

Can you guess my character? Here is a hint: Talon badgers me to wear over the ear hair buns. Yep, I am Princess Leia--- and that is what Talon now calls me. Since the pretend play goes on for hours regardless of time or place, we are sure to get some funny looks on our next visit to Walmart! Pin It


  1. All right! Welcome to the club, Talon! ;) Did he watch all six movies??

    I see your Dark Vader and raise you one Dark Evader.

  2. Ooo, Dark Evader sounds even more sinister. Yes, he watched all six in the original order-- at the end of the first one when Luke and Han are being awarded medals, Talon was cheering and jumping for joy and he wanted to start the next movie immediately. My kinda boy!

  3. Take the light saber to Walmart, Princess. Serve you well, it will. Particularly if you find yourself there on a Saturday, right before a holiday or inclement weather.

  4. Sure! If you can't use it to "slash prices," at least you'll end up on "" . . . :)

  5. Welcome to the world of Star Wars. I will never look at Chewy quite the same way again.
    The force seems strong in your son. Perhaps he can clear a path for you as you navigate your way through Walmart.

  6. hahahha-- Crack me up, ya'll do!!!

    Oh yes, Sari, he clears a path-- I just hope he doesn't cause a lawsuit!

    So far my sabering hasn't strayed from the toy aisle but I'm sure to get caught one of these days so keep an eye out for me on POW! ;o)

    Kathy, I've got to steal that 'slashing prices' line-- maybe I'll use it to explain Talon's sound effects and fighting stances.


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