Thursday, August 11, 2011

Go Fireballs!

So Hubs and I aren't big sports fans-- well, we aren't opposed to doing sports-- it is the mindless watching of sports that doesn't interest us. We have plenty of other mindless activities to occupy our time! haha

But you know it is a whole different ballgame watching your child play a sport...

Talon played coach pitch baseball this summer in a nearby town and he had lots of fun-- till it got too hot in late June. He isn't a fan of the heat so you'll notice he didn't wear his cap. Caps are hot!

Talon did a great job considering he never played t-ball like many of the others-- he was particularly good at hitting the ball.  

  The reason he never played t-ball is because the nearest league is very intense and competitive even at the t-ball level-- just not our cup of tea. They sign up in Jan/Feb for heaven's sake!

The league we went with is very casual and I wish I'd known it existed when Talon was t-ball age. Sign-ups in late Apr.  No score keeping so no winners or losers. The goal is to teach fundamentals and love of the game.  And every player receives a trophy.

All the practices/games are in one place which was very convenient. (and no big deal if a player misses a game)  The ball fields are located on the lake shore so a very scenic place to spend an evening hour-- and the lake breezes were most pleasant.  

Will Talon play next summer? Who knows? It is up to him and he is a dabbler-- he wants to give soccer a go next...

(and he liked swim class better than baseball-- which makes perfect sense considering how hot this summer has been) Pin It

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