Saturday, August 27, 2011

Talon's Mystery Milestone


Can you guess the milestone?


Did you guess losing a tooth? 

And did this contrary and hanging a bit too low because it was so loose snaggletooth come out in time for school pictures on Wednesday?  NO!  It came out on Thursday! And believe me, I gave it a good pull every night but baby teeth are like berries---they have to be ripe and  when it is time they detach with only a slight tug.  

Whenever I play around with photo editing effects I can never decide which I like best: black and white or sepia.

So here is a little deja vu in sepia...

Do all parents find missing front teeth smiles precious? I just can't get enough.  I keep making him laugh so I can see it again...

(and if silliness doesn't work I just give him a tickle)

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  1. ha ha! :) happy tooth fairy time!

  2. Awww....cute!
    I did guess a missing tooth. And yes I love to make Nico grin so I can see his snaggle toofed smile. He lost the 2 bottom teeth within a few days.

    And I like the sepia better...

  3. forced laugh is still a laugh! I prefer the sepia myself!


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