Monday, August 10, 2009


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Talon is a big supporter of Sonic--- it is an Oklahoma company, after all. Well, he doesn't really care about that. Talon only cares that the breakfast sandwiches are served anytime day or night!

This Sonic was next door to our hotel in Bartlesville. Talon was thrilled that we could just walk there anytime--- so, yes, we made several trips.

This sonic is one of the coolest around! It has a volleyball court with sand and the largest playground we've ever seen at a restaurant. Really tall slides, too.

Have you ever seen a Sonic with a playground? We hadn't until this one.

The old funky sonics in all of our burgs are being replaced with shiny new ones--- no playgrounds though.
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  1. We saw a Sonic with a beach volleyball court and a big playground between Hubbard and Longview. Can't remember exactly where. My girls just LOVE the limeades!

  2. Talon loves the smoothies and slushes-- When we are out and about he asks, "When is Happy Hour?"--- I always clarify so no one gets the wrong idea!

    BTW, Happy Hour at Sonic is between 2-4 and all bevvies are 1/2 price! What a deal!

  3. I like this big slide but it has a turn and it's not a tube slide.

  4. Bartlesville? We used to live there!
    How funny! I don't remember much. Just our backyard had no trees and my school only went to the 2nd grade. Maybe 3rd. It on the same block caddy corner to us. And our neighbor had a loom and we went to her house for a field trip...about weaving.
    Funny what you remember.
    I love Sonic, well I used to, til they started charging for WATER! Even if you order food, they charge for water. 30 cents. It's the principal.

  5. Tracy told me somewhere that ya'll lived in Bartlesville for awhile-- small world!

    You remembered a lot! A weaving field trip sounds fun.

    Yeah, restaurants that charge for water are annoying. there is a subway here that won't give water-- you have to buy a bottle. I never went back.


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