Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Treasure Hunt!

Last year's treasure hunt for Talon's first big boy bike was such a success that we did it again. Talon gets so excited solving the riddles and searching for the next clue.

Found the first clue in a gift bag and realized the game was afoot! Talon found clues hidden upstairs and downstairs... in all kinds of nooks and crannies... even in the...


and in the daffodils!

even Tonka held a clue!

Where to now?

Ahh, figured out the last riddle: Does BigRed sleep? Then why does he have a bed!

Can you believe Talon outgrew his previous bike in one year?

On to the spectacular Grand Prize Finale
What could it be?!

Talon couldn't believe his eyes!
This was an after Christmas deal that couldn't be saved for a Santa Toy--- Talon might be too tall for it next Christimas.

Checking out the dash...

Checking out the reverse...

Checking out the motor...

A big ol' thank you hug!

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