Friday, April 30, 2010

Fetch, Kitty, Fetch!

You may recall from the previous installment of Midnight The Dumped Cat's Story that Talon was hoping for another dog. Since Talon doesn't know much about cats, he expected Midnight to romp like a dog. I overheard Talon saying: Here, boy, here and Fetch, Kitty, Fetch! So sweet and funny. I explained that cats play differently and gave Talon a long string. He was delighted that Midnight immediately started pouncing.

Midnight is kinda doggy... she comes out to the car to welcome us home and follows where ever our nature walks take us... she just follows at her own pace.

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  1. Yesterday, someone was walking a black cat down Castro Street on a leash. It was letting people pet it like it were a dog. When a dog walked by, the cat meowed and the dog started barking back. The cat looked just like midnight.

  2. we only had two cats that acted doggy like lesa.
    one little guy, columbo used to follow bernie all over the place and one time when we were in a large park, you could see bernie and that little black kitty walking together and some city workers asked me, "has bernie got a new puppy?"
    way too funny!
    and the other cat that followed bernie, named pin-head, used to walk with bernie to the canal and they would sit there together, admiring the night sky. one time bernie had to catch pin-head in mid air, as he was going to jump into the water to catch the star that was refecting and moving on the surface..ha!! terry


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