Monday, April 19, 2010

Vintage Yellow Pyrex

Yes, I have a thing for vintage pyrex... it is charming and useful. This yellow oven-to-table dish is circa 1950s, I think. When I married and moved to Oklahoma 25 years ago, this dish was already part of my long-time bachelor groom's kitchen. I'm sure it was a hand-me-down from his mother or grandmother. Of course at age 19, my appreciation of pyrex was as yet I'm glad I didn't discard it. I've baked in it but now mainly use it for tossing salads.
The dish is slightly brighter than in the photo and coordinates beautifully with my yellow and aqua accented kitchen. Yes, I have aqua pyrex too.
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  1. I love vintage Pyrex too. Anything vintage - really!
    I'm following from Friday Follow.
    Stop by when you can!

  2. Oh my! Two Lynn's!

    @ Laura Lynn-- Thanks for following! Your blog is fun and I'm following it too--- beautiful photos!

    @DeLynne-- I LOVE my salad tosser things! I think they are called salad claws or extra hands????
    I actually have another set that aren't claws to use with pasta.

    I searched for months ebay, stores, ect for yellow or clear ones-- and finally found these in Eureka Springs, Ark. I paid the price because they were so tough to find---- Now Walmart carries some clear ones!!! Oh Well-- I love my yellow ones!


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