Friday, July 9, 2010

Banquet Frozen Dinners: Swedish Meatballs

Do you buy Banquet frozen dinners? I don't. So how did I recently end up with five in my freezer? Simple really. I was speed grocery shopping at 9:30 p.m. with thirty minutes to go until closing--- saw a five for a dollar Banquet special on a freezer door and thought: Hmm... emergency kid food. So in the cart they went.

Am I a bad lazy mom or just guilty of wandering off my shopping list?

A bit of both, no doubt, but my little boy was thrilled over the novelty of frozen dinners. The dinners we compromised on (me thinking healthy-- don't laugh-- him thinking fun/tasty): Salisbury Steak, Charbroiled Patty, Pork Rib, Spaghetti/Meatballs and Swedish Meatballs.

Talon could not wait to try one! He wanted one immediately upon returning home but his parental units decided to grab a quick and very late snack at Sonic. Talon kept insisting he would he eat the Swedish Meatballs at home and I kept insisting that the Sonic was our meal.

Both of us were getting tired and frustrated when he exclaimed: Not for a meal, I want it for dessert!

Yes, my mind boggled as I said: What?! We don't eat meatballs for dessert!

Talon responded: But they are sweet! You said they are Sweetish Meatballs!
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  1. Hi Lesa, long time no see! I used to like the apple dessert in Swanson's chicken dinners.

    On your comment on my blog: I also love the aqua Amish storage bowls. Thanks for stopping by.


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