Monday, July 19, 2010

Macro Monday: Red Wasp!

Why do folks call these red wasps?

They look orange to me!
So I spotted this guy or gal (how can you tell?) having a field day on a rotten banana peel the other day and thought how bizarre.
Then hubby comes home with the most insane story:
That morning, he put on his reeboks and felt a little lump in his shoe but didn't bother to see what it was and headed to his dental appointment. Can you guess where this story is headed?
At the dentist, he felt the lump in a different spot in the shoe...
Went to lunch and felt the lump in yet another spot...
Went to school for awhile and still felt the lump in the shoe...
Finally, after several hours of a lumpy shoe, hubby had enough and took off the shoe...
Guess what fell out???
Yep, a red wasp!!!
Can you imagine? A red wasp in a shoe for hours and no stings! No doubt the wasp was in a weakened state from the stench. ;o)
I asked hubby if he shrieked like a girl but he said he was too astounded but not too astounded to squash the wasp flat. That's gratitude for you. Poor wasp...
Do you check your shoes before putting them on? What is the weirdest thing you've found in a shoe? Do you walk around with a lumpy shoe or do you rid yourself of the offending lump immediately?
I can't stand a lump in my shoe so I get it out immediately. We have brown recluse spiders so I always check my shoes before putting them on. Really, I don't know what hubby was thinking.

(Tuesday edit: Actually, I've figured it out. Hubby was too lazy to see what was in the shoe and kept hoping it would just flatten-- he is a man, after all.) ;o)

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  1. I have never seen anything like this before - thankgoodness they are not here in the UK

  2. Incredible details...don't think I would want to be too close to him!!

  3. Great shot of the wasp. That is one scary looking bug!

  4. I can't stand lumps, either, so I would have found it before I left!

    That's a wonderful shot! I've never seen one before.

  5. Cant stand lumps - gotta get it out straight away. Gee, he sure did put up with it for a while. Good macro.

  6. Wonderful macro shot...I was trying to figure out what he was sitting on before reading your post.

  7. Too funny -- with the possible exception of the poor wasp! Now I'll be wondering what's in my own shoe.

  8. Thanks all for visiting!

    Rosie and Bettyl-- How lucky you are to not have wasps! Now where do you live? I may want to move. ;o)

    Yay, sounds like we haters of shoe lumps are in the majority. Actually, I have come to the conclusion that hubby was too lazy to see what was in the shoe and kept hoping the lump would just flatten-- he is a man, after all. hahahhahaahahahahaahah

  9. lol Men! You've made me worry about my shoes now! We leave our shoes in the garage on shelves, none in the house, seems we could have nasty surprises like that too - ew! You got great wasp shots!

  10. Super shots!
    I could not stand the thought of not knowing what the lump was.
    I scrolled down and saw your blackberry post. I'm so glad mine are in my yard and I don't have to go far. Hubby brought in a plastic container full just this evening.
    Thanks for your visit and I do hope you come back.
    I love the monster lunch post below. My Granddaughters would love it. :)

  11. Oh man, that is nasty looking! A lump in my shoe would drive me insane until I fixed it, and yes, I'd have screamed bloody murder too.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  12. Good question about why they are called red wasps. I have the same problem with blue roses. Who are they kidding? I know pink when I see it. LOL


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