Monday, July 12, 2010

Macro & MellowYellow Monday: Cucumber Blossom


This is my first time to participate in the Macro Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday photo memes. Usually the red photo memes are easier for me... but, lately, I've become quite addicted to taking macro shots. This photo of a yellow cucumber blossom out of my garden is one of my favorites so far.
I am definitely a point and shoot novice and now I will confess a deep dark secret. I have been attempting to take macro shots of flowers and butterflies in my garden since I began blogging over a year ago.

So what was the problem?

Let me preface this by saying: I am not blonde... I am a bookworm... and I have a Masters Degree.

Ok, here goes: I did not realize my camera had a macro button.

Yes, how embarrassing and absolutely true. Of course, I had noticed the teeny tiny flower symbol on my camera and even wondered occasionally what it meant--- but for the life of me, I did not make the connection until recently skimming the online manual. What a doof! Seems so obvious now!

What perfectly obvious things have you felt silly for not realising sooner?
Please visit the hosts of these memes to view fabulous macro and yellow photos from photographers all around the world.

Mellow Yellow Monday
Macro Monday
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  1. oh dear..I thought i was the only one :) Few years ago when I bought my 1st digi cam I always wonder what's the little flower mean:D And seriously, I didn't know until I bought a new one and go through the manual and realized its function:) And now I'm hooked on taking macro or super macro shot at everything!! We're in the same boat :D That pretty flowers in vibrant yellow is a perfect shot, indeed!

  2. I love your cucumber blossom. Don't worry, I am also not blonde and I have an MA in took a long while figure out my little camera...
    Unfortunately, there are no hummingbirds in my area of the world ::sigh::
    Happy Monday!

    winning colors

  3. Thank you Mar and Fini for visiting-- and thanks for 'fessing up'-- I'm so glad I'm not the only one! ;D

  4. Excellent blossom photo!!

    Macro Monday Parrot Do stop by if you can find time today.

  5. Cucumbers are a favorite of mine, and you captured it's bloom marvelously! Beautiful details!

  6. A lovely macro shot! Even the hair on the cucumber vine can be seen so clearly!Have a wonderful week!

  7. Hehehehe, I am so thankful I am not alone. Happy Monday!

    Streak of yellow

  8. Cucumbers - wonderful! I noticed today we have courgette (zucchini) flowers - can't wait to have those little beauties again :-)
    We all learn, all the time! My very savant, techy, super-intelligent spouse discovered a very simple solution to his iPod problem today -something to do with a 'lock' button he'd pushed inadvertently. I'm sure his 11-year-old grandson would have sussed it in no time ;-) - or even the 7-year-old!!

  9. Welcome. Good first entry. Even simple cameras are too complex with all the menus and such. I like the simplicity, quality and versatility of my film cameras.

  10. No you are not alone!!! Nice photo. Thanks for your visit.

  11. Lesa, I'll brag and say I knew all about the macro lens adaptation, but I minored in photography and I will fiddle with a camera till I get what I want. I'll also admit my blond moment with cucumbers since you posted your lovely blossom. Several years ago I had a little veg patch and didn't think not to plant climbing vines of different species near each other. I planted the cucumbers too close to the canteloupes. I got cuculoupes. Hard as a rock, baseball shaped and size cucumbers.

  12. thanks all for visiting and bragging even though I am a macro moron!

    Gai-- so that is why the photos on your first blogposts are spectacular! You ought to do some photo memes when you get back to blogging.

    haahahah-- cuculoupes-- too funny! thanks for sharing that one!


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