Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Riddance September!

Have you ever experienced a day or a week in which the universe thwarts you at every turn? What about an entire month?  

September is always a stressful month---  many aspects of my life are routinely neglected, due to the annual October 1 childcount deadline at school.   But this September was a monster! So many crazy bizarre occurences to make life miserable. 

 Can you believe the internet was down at school on crucial days? What about viruses of the body that, for your reading pleasure, will remain undescribed.  Don't forget the computer virus that resulted in a whole new hard drive! Yes, all that and more.  

The most bizarre misfortune, however,  was waking up at 2:30 a.m. to a hurricane Hermine  flooded house-- especially since my home is 750 miles from the coast. Unbelievable! 

Most of the flooding occurred in the rooms across the back of the house-- three, of course, still had carpet. The carpet did prevent the water from flooding the front of the house-- a blessing in a horrible situation.

Just my luck that I threw away the wet dry vac last winter after another week of crazy karma.

Believe me there is nothing like sitting on the side of a bathtub in the wee hours sopping and wringing water with a towel. 

But oh, the stench was horrendous especially after the AC went out the the next morning-- yep, the universe wasn't quite finished with the DustyUs family.  Thankfully,  it was out for only one day and night and I can now say with confidence that I no longer harbor any nostalgic feelings for sleeping under open windows in the summer. 

Our living room was a maze for several days:

I've never seen Jim move so fast without a snake being involved! He was quick enough so very little damage to his equipment.  

Project flood consisted of moving stuff out of rooms or to one side so the carpet could be cut into pieces and hauled outside. Wet carpet is heavy so a very physically demanding job. We planned to replace the funky old carpet with tile anyway but on our own schedule-- not the universe's. Little T's room has a nice berber so I attempted to save it but it required removing the pad under the carpet. 

see what a job! .
I  had to move toys out and dismantle the bed; then muscle it to and fro to fold the carpet back and pull out the pad; then dry the floor with a fan; then flop the carpet down and tackle another section.

see the pad sticking out-- it holds water like a sponge.

At least the pad held most of the water-- T's carpet dried quickly with fans once the pad was removed.

T's stuff overflowing into the hall
It took four days to remove all the carpet and pad from the flooded rooms. Clean up and putting stuff back where it belonged took a few more days. 

Here is what 13 inches of rain in an hour did to the bridge on our road. .
See how it dug out the asphalt when it gushed over the bridge.

We didn't know how washed out it was underneath so we detoured for a few days until the county repaired it.

Now you see why I am thrilled to see the back side of September. 

Hello, October!!
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  1. Here's hoping October is better for you! :)

  2. a moment of silence for the mensis horribilis... ack.

  3. Thank you both! Guess even writing about the horror so frazzled me that this morning I found ten+ typos to correct! If you read it before the corrections, you must have thought I was really losing it!! hahaha


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